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Sup everybody. After a long break (during which time some of us became parents and moved house and others flew to the Czech Republic to headline stages and pretended to be Daedalus in Sheffield), we are finally returning Rhythm Incursions to the airwaves all over the world and the internet too.

With the return comes a few changes. First up, the show is now 60 minutes in length. This was something of a “less filler, more killer” move on our part, and after chatting with some of our regular listeners the sentiment seemed to be that one hour was a good length for a show. So, 60 minutes it is.

Second change is the introduction of the Illbient60 show. When we started Rhythm Incursions, the inspiration was Trick’s “Illbient60” mix, that was a mix aimed less at being a beatmix session and more at being a kind of dub/ambient/mindfuck kinda crossover, where tunes drifted by amongst drones, found sounds, samples and all kinds of other niceness. As time went on though, the show became more successful than we could have imagined, and with that came a responsibility to cover new tunes and let people know who these artists were, what label they were on etc etc. So, whilst on our break we did some reflecting, and felt the time was right to change one show a month to one where no voiceovers would occur after the intro, and where the music was allowed to speak for itself… with a little additional meddling from ourselves, of course.

The second new segment to the show is the Dirtnap mix. Rather than simply get artists to do mixes, we decided it was time to up the ante and go one step further. So, each Dirtnap mix will be just 15 minutes in length, and in it artists will effectively create a whole new piece that is as much a song as a mix. While mixing can mean blending one club banger into another, it can also mean blending dense layers of samples, to the point where the end result is less a mix and more a whole new concept piece unto itself. It is a celebration of the art of mixing, as well as a chance for artists to show a little more about how they work, how they are influenced and what kind of sounds grab their ears. So far, responses from artists we’ve approached have been amazing: they’re all itching to get on this. Stay tuned for more info!

Finally, the last change to things is this site itself. We will now be blogging with the best of em, linking you all up with the good Rhythm Inc-related shit we come across online. As if that’s not enough though, we will be bringing you exclusive downloads too. Yup yup – FREE SHIT PEOPLE! Surely you can’t ask for more than that eh?

But enough carpal-tunnell-inducing type; bookmark this site, check in once a week and discover your regular weekly show, plus links, downloads, mixes and more.

Rhythm Incursions: picking up where hip hop stops.

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