Rhythm Incursions – we’re back!

Yes yes, here it is: the first show of our return, and BOY have we got some niceness lined up for you. Trick is in the presenting chair, and just check the playlist below!

Click to listen – direct from Samurai FM

Kode9 and Spaceape – Victims [Hyperdub]
Techno Animal – Deceleration [?]
Mentol Nomad – Message of the Mystics [Wordsound Digital]
Clark – Vengeance Drools [Warp]
DJ Wally and Willie Ross – Something In Those Trees [The Agriculture]
Kode9 and Spaceape – Glass [Hyperdub]
Spectre feat Labtekwon – Cosmic Arsonist [Wordsound]
Spectre feat MY Werkz – Time and Space [Wordsound]
Spectre feat BeNegao – Radar (100% Tranquilo) [Wordsound]
Feedle – Song For Dogs [SVC]
Rec_Overflow – Beetch [Pulpa]
Mat Young – Don’t Doddle [unreleased]
Elektro4 – Nothing Left But Appetite [unreleased]

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