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Buddy Peace: Obituary Medicine | Rhythm Incursions

Buddy Peace: Obituary Medicine

First up, our apologies for the website outage; our hosts shut down at short notice right before Christmas, leaving us high and dry.

Second, apologies for the lack of updates; we try really hard to keep this place updated with show info, but between family, health problems, running a label, presenting other radio shows and locking down dayjobs its getting tough to get time to post updates. Always remember though that our good friends over at Samurai FM do an excellent job of maintaining a complete Rhythm Inc archive of shows, where each weekly show will always be online by each Monday.

So, that’s the dull bit out the way. Now, down to the good shit: the show we had guest-presented by Buddy Peace. As most of you know, Buddy is pretty much extended family to us alongside Zilla, in that they both have similar wide tastes and mixing styles to me and Waxfactor. So, when Buddy called me up asking if we’d air a show where he toured his favourite indie tracks, I could only say yes. After all, nothing is that straightforward in the world of Buddy Peace – and boy were we right.

“Obituary Medicine” is Buddy’s 60 minute Rhythm Inc takeover, touring you – in his own inimitable style – through various indie music tracks of his liking. Of course, a good number of these feature some tasty beats, and others that don’t see Buddy remixing them here and there to ensure they do. The result, as ever, is stellar.

Of course it wouldn’t be right to mention Buddy without mentioning his incredible collab mix release with Carlo, Commonwealth Kids. Fans of Rhythm Incursions should buy this without question, as its basically so up your street it could just as well have been made for this show. Sporting beautiful packaging and a 7″ of two killer Carlo tracks, its a package worth owning and no mistake. Click here for more info!

But now, to the music… So, sit back, click here and check out what is definitely a highlight show to date…

Presented by BUDDY PEACE for GLUESTICK ACOUSTICS Productions

1. ‘Introductory Column’ Sequence featuring BROADCAST, YO LA TENGO,
2. LOVE AS LAUGHTER : ‘In Amber’
3. KARATE : ‘Bass Sounds’
4. ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ Interlude
5. CUL DE SAC & JOHN FAHEY : ‘Nothing’ / TOM WAITS : ‘What’s He
Building In There?’
6. LIARS : ‘Front’ / THE EVENS : ‘Everyody Knows’
7. THE HERBALISER : ‘It Ain’t Nothing’ (featuring MF DOOM) (ANDREW
BRODER Remix) / A message from our good friends at PACIFIC STEREO
8. THE SHINS : ‘Weird Divide’ (Buddy’s ‘DIVISION BEAT RADIO’ Remix)
9. THE MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC COMPANY : ‘Farewell Transmission’
10. ‘Maverick Axe Training’ Interlude
11. SUBTLE : ‘The Mercury Craze’ (Buddy’s ‘ARTERY KNOT’ Remix – the
winner of the remix contest! HOLLAH!)
12. DAVE HOUSE : ‘Death & Taxes’ (with intro and outro edits)
13. ‘Intermission Break’ Sequence featuring DEAD TEXAN : ‘Aegian
Airlines’ / STARS OF THE LID : ‘Requiem For Dying Mothers’ (Part 2)
14. SCOUT NIBLETT : ‘Kidnapped By Neptune’
15. ‘End To End Draft Card Burner’ Sequence featuring BRANDON WADE /
HALO BENDERS : ‘Bomb Shelter’ (Part 2)
16. FUGAZI : ‘Afterthought’
17. ARCADE FIRE : ‘No Cars Go’ (SMEE & LONAN Remake / original EP version)
18. ‘Yeah I Got Some Last Words…’ Sequence featuring TOM WAITS,
19. THE BLACK KEYS : ‘240 Years Before Your Time’ (bonus cut version)
/ ‘Afterlude’ featuring Q & NOT U and EXHAUST
20. THE GENTLEMEN LOSERS : ‘Salt Of The Sea’ (Buddy’s ‘FOLLOW FOR NOW’ Remix)
21. SEBADOH : ‘Spoiled’

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  • http://www.cream.cz Lukas

    great. big up buddy peace

  • http://www.virusb-23.co.uk Henry

    one of my favourites listens of recent times

    biggedy up RI and Buddy Peace!

  • Andreas

    Hi Buddy! Fine show, I REALLY enjoyed it — lots of great stuff I did not know before. Greetings from Germany!

  • http://www.myspace.com/djbaboon baboon

    As always Buddy is on point like blade so Djs can’t cut it…he’ll slice up your intestines–leave you gutted……….
    Super dope……

  • http://link chake


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