Download Buddy Peace’s “Obituary Medicine” show!

If you missed Buddy’s first outing as Rhythm Inc guest presenter just before Christmas, fear not: we are now podcasting the complete show for you to playback at your convenience.

Buddy’s show differed from the usual Rhythm Inc style in that it was his look at indie rock, paying particular attention to the more beat-driven end of things – and remixing where necessary to add said beats in if they weren’t already there. As with most things Buddy puts his mind to, the results were fantastic, and I’m glad we’re posting it up online for you all as I think its a real keeper.

So, download the show, enjoy it, and if you ever cross Buddy’s path either online or in real life, be sure to thank him for his work…

Click here to download! (76Mb)

The tracklist is listed here

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