The Joe Beats Takeover

Any regular listeners know how much we love Joe – as well as badgering him for instrumentals to use in mixes, we also featured his amazing “Indie Rock Blues” CD, a disc I’m still caning the crap out of these many months later. In short, this man’s name is apt: he drops some of the largest beats out there.

With that in mind, you can imagine our delight when Joe said yes to taking over a show to bring us his own selection of tracks. Featuring exclusives from his forthcoming CD “Diverse Recourse” (dropping soon on Bully Records), not to mention a raft of other unreleased and brand new shit, this is quite simply one of the most bumpin’ shows we’ve ever aired…

Click here to download it!

Links to check if you want to own the beats on this show and so much more:

Special thanks also to Marco @ Bully for his assistance with making this happen.

Tracklisting (with timestamps):
Joe Beats Don’t Front, I’m Yo Trophy (00:00)
Introductions (04:34)
J. Medeiros Constance (Joe Beats Remix) Instrumental (05:11)
M. Ward Sad, Sad Song (Joe Beats Remix) (07:02)
Joe Beats Supercult Mansion (09:08)
Joe Beats & Blak Kiss Of Life (10:59)
Belle, Sebastian & Signify Spaceboy Dream (Joe Beats Remix) (13:41)
Cunninlynguists Hellfire (Joe Beats Remix) (16:13)
Los Angeles Negros Tanto Adios (19:43)
Gary Young Interlude (20:47)
Herbie & The Royalists Flowers (21:17)
Dana Gillespie Dead (24:59)
Wool Love, Love, Love (27:57)
Anonjondoe Get Help (Rough) (30:38)
Anonjondoe Sick With It (Instrumental) (33:26)
Sev Statik I Love You Anyway (35:37)
Intermission (37:46)
Non-Prophets Mainstream 307 (Instrumental) (38:58)
Non-Prophets Any Port (Instrumental) (40:49)
Joe Beats Confessions Of A Trump Card (42:27)
Joe Beats Hook Redux (Instrumental) (Limited) (43:41)
Non-Prophets New Word Order (Instrumental) (45:13)
Non-Prophets Tolerance Level (Instrumental) (46:36)
Joe Beats Alone (unreleased) (47:55)
Joe Beats Son Come Down (Instrumental) (49:42)
Joe Beats Contingency Plans (Instrumental) (51:13)
Outro (53:06)
Joe Beats Fade (54:00)

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