The Botanica del Jibaro/Project Mooncircle special

This week saw Gordon from Botanica del Jibaro and Project Mooncircle step up with a half hour tour of what’s going on in his camp. And boy, so much is going on – check it:

Project: Mooncircle (partner label from botanica del jibaro & Arepaz)
This is a project/label of artists from the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden and the US. Project: Mooncircle wants to concentrate the creative potential of all artists, without restricting them in any way. This label with various producers shall be an interesting pleasure for all, who like the extraordinary ordinariness.

Project: Mooncircle is a official Label from Beta Bodega & HHV.

The organizers are Gordon (founder), La Mano Fria, Andy K., Mr Cooper & Tom from, Gordon deals with tours, promotion and managing the releases in Eruope.

Artists: Mr Cooper, Seven Star, Induce, Jahbitat, Soarse Spoken, Rumpistol, Epstein, Manuvers, CYNE Etc.

Artwork Designer: La Mano Fria, Gordon and Andy K.

Botanica Del Jibaro:
BDJ is a official Label from Beta Bodega for Hip Hop Music. Artists are: Seven Star, Antennae, Soarse Spoken Etc.

Artwork by La Mano Fria (founder of Beta Bodega)

Arepaz is a official Label from Beta Bodega for Hip Hop Instrumental/Electronic Music. Artists are: Climber, Epstein, Boom & Birds, Deviant, Gordon Etc.

Artwork by La Mano Fria is the Headquarter for the Distribution Worldwide. HHV sells to Hausmusik, Baked Goods, Crosstalk, Traffic, Groove Attack Etc.

Phew! Surely one of the most active collective out there, make no mistake…

This show opens with Waxfactor taking his own 30 minute tour of the label, after which Gordon himself steps up to bring you the latest and nicest from his collective…

But enough of the talk – download the show here, or if you’re a podcast subscriber the audio might well already be on your hard drive!

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