We’re back!

Yes yes – finally we return to the airwaves in our new 4pm slot on Resonance 104.4FM (and as ever, any time you like on our archive at Samurai FM).

This week Trick steps up with no end of goodies for you ears. Here’s the tracklist:

Intro: Sixtoo – Jackals and Vipers… Pt1&2
1. Frank N Dank – Rough Rugged & Raw (Paul White RMX) [Dopeness Galore]
2. Daedalus – Hermitage [Ninja Tune]
3. Diplo – Nows The Time [Big Dada]
4. Omid – Chemical Wedding [Alphapup]
5. Cadence Weapon – Sharks [Big Dada]
6. Sixtoo – Jackals and Vipers In Envy of Man pt7 [Ninja Tune]
7. Flying Lotus – Spicy Sammich [Warp]
*** Minifeature: EdIT – Certified Air Raid Material ***
8. EdIT – Battling Go-Go Yubari In Downtown LA [Alphapup]
9. EdIT – Straight Heat [Alphapup]
10. EdIT – If You Crump Stand Up [Alphapup]
*** Minifeature ends ***
11. Wildstyle Lesson (Kev Luckhurst edit) [Mr Bongo]
12. Lone Wolf – Slayed By Shadows [Bloodied Blade]

Remember, if you missed the show live, you can hear it again over at Samurai FM from the following Monday. Get on it!

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