Tracklisting for show aired 5/10/07

Heliocentrics – Sirius B [Now Again]
Prefuse73 – Class Of 73 Bells (Featuring School Of Seven Bells)
Nobody and Blank Blue – All The Shallow Deep [Art Don’t Sleep]
Baron Zen – Electronic (Koushik remix) [Stones Throw]
**Project Moon Circle Heart In The Right Spot**
Pablie – Blissful Relapses [Project Mooncircle/Arepaz]
Jahbitat – Bloodclouds and Eagles [Project Mooncircle/Arepaz]
Dday One – Memento Mori [Project Mooncircle/Arepaz]
**End of mini-feature**
Hifana – Waiyandub (feat. Tucker) [W+K Labs]
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert – Frere Jacques [Lo Recordings]
DJ Me DJ You – Because (DJ Swamp Remix) [Tricatel]
Baby Elephant – Turn My Teeth Up [Godforsaken Music]
DiViNCi – FLDM [Nonsense Recordings]
Some Water & Sun – Snowbreaker (Dabrye remix) [Hefty]

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