Podcast exclusive: Carlo – Vol.888 Mix

A while back, our good friend Carlo contacted us about doing an old skool, pause-button style mix of tracks he’d sampled, along with tracks the likes of Sixtoo, Four Tet and others had sampled too. Knowing how much Carlo knows his stuff in this area, we said a hearty “sure!” and waited to hear the result….

So, a couple of weeks back we got this, and decided that it was something best dished up as a podcast-only affair, for one simple reason: it warrants more than just one quick airing on the radio show. This is one of those mixes you have to listen to 10 times before you even get halfway to spotting all the samples in it. In fact, quite aside from the musical excellence, it could almost be a challenge: name the samples!

Anyways, sit back and enjoy what we think is an incredible tour of the music that inspired the songs. To us, this kind of mix acts as much as a document, showing the material your favourite artists were loving enough to sample and re-mould into their own creations. Fine stuff, we hope you’ll agree…

Click to download Carlo’s Vol.888 mix! (80Mb)

Be sure to hit up Carlo’s MySpace page, at http://www.myspace.com/mynameiscarlo, or drop him an email to say thanks at carlok7@gmail.com

Footnote: if you were wondering what the inspiration was for the artwork… click here

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