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the best damn artwork and that\'s a fact!

To celebrate the relaunch of Rhythm Incursions in its podcast-and-portal guise, we thought we’d start with a generous opening gambit. So, how’s about an entire album, currently for sale on Bleep and iTunes for around £7.99 (or whatever you pay in your country), in 320kbps MP3, with artwork, with additional Buddy Peace promo megamix… absolutely FREE. You like that? Damn right you do!

Waxfactor’s album Sci Fu is, in our humble (and slightly nepotistic) opinion, a sadly overlooked gem of an album. Now admittedly, a good part of its being overlooked was down to shitty distro issues that ensured, somehow, that Japan got loads of copies and Wax’s main fanbase in Europe got absolutely none. (Gotta love the music industry eh?) So, in conjunction with Needlework Records we’ve invoked “The Radiohead/Prince Clause” and opted to give this one away for nothing… except in this case we’re not asking for money or making you buy the world’s second most tawdry newspaper either. And rumour has it, this might not be the only complete download going for free either…

So what’s the score with Rhythm Incursions? Well, quite simply we’re expanding ops and focussing on delivering digital content rather than FM-based shows. In plain english that means all output – be it shows, guest mixes, guest-presented shows and exclusive track downloads – will be available for download in no-bullshit MP3 format. New shows and mixes will go up weekly, with additional exclusive downloads of tracks from time to time, depending on who we can shake down for high quality tunes.

So: spread the word, and if you’ve not already subscribed to the feed, do so either by adding us in iTunes (just search for “Rhythm Incursions” and you’re there), or add http://feeds.feedburner.com/rhythmincursions into your podcatcher of choice. Or just be lazy and download the content straight from the site here. Your choice!

For now though, grab Sci Fu, enjoy the music… and then tell your friends to do the same.


Mr Trick

Click here to download a zip of Waxfactor’s Sci Fu album in full 320kbps MP3!

p.s. if you love the album, let Wax know: waxfactor AT gmail DOT com. Ditto anyone looking to book him for a gig, DJ appearance etc. Spread some love people!

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