Killer new mix from Kper: Wonk Fonk

Most people know Laurent Fintoni for his excellent work on our other site Turntable Radio. However truth is the guy’s got some heavyweight chops as a DJ in his own right, as proven not so long ago with the mighty Attention Deficit Disorder mix (parts one AND two), and he’s now back once more with another killer mix for your ears. This time he’s profiling the numerous players in the so-called “wonky beat” scene – i.e. the likes of Flying Lotus, Bullion, FlyAmSam, Hud Mo and more. I gather he’s also writing an article for someone (hey the guy writes for like 7 magazines now or something, so its tough to keep track!) for which the mix acts as something of an accompaniment. Keep an eye on his own personal blog for more info on that, but now head over there and download the mix!

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