introducing our newest presenter: Joe Beats

Joe Beats

A word from Trick: As a massive fan of Joe Beats’ productions, we were delighted when he stepped up last time to present a special show for us. In fact, we liked it so much that we invited Joe to join the presenting team on Rhythm Incursions and do more regular shows for us. To be honest, we thought he’d say “nah…”, but quite the opposite occurred; we got an enthusiastic “yes” and Joe set about doing his first show as a more regular presence on the team. And now, here it is, online for your listening pleasure. At this point I’ll hand over to Joe himself…

I normally do a big un-paused mix of exclusives and originals but….meh….I wasn’t really in the mood for any of that this time out. It’s summer. I’m busy. It’s humid. I’m weening myself onto a fish diet. Cutting the chocolate is making me cranky – haha. Whatever the excuse, it’s not always a well planned out party. I hit points -like now- where I’m completely exhausted by music and am forced to find new and interesting ways to keep myself enthusiastic. I guess it’s all about being patient. I hate how pretentious this all sounds but ehhh…if it is, is.

As the tracklisting goes on, particularly in the middle, a common theme is redemption and compensation. Great lyrics and music will be sacrificed by a corny, almost comical, voice (David Amram). On the inverse, a downer and dragger will be saved by an extraordinaty vocal (The Savage Rose). Cynical tones will be matched and trumped by beautiful music (Denny Guy). There are tracks with bacon so thick, I would never normally play them in such condition unless I felt they were stellar (Smokestack Lightning, Electric Prunes). Included are songs whose opening minute deceive you in a way that almost makes you mad because it naturally captures the one (and only) thing about 60’s California innocence Brian Wilson couldn’t (Wendy & Bonnie). Others that repeatedly abuse your attention span with jam session hooks only to reward you handsomely with incredible breakdown after breakdown right as you’re about to give up on it (Linn County). Can you hang?

Click here to download the show (87mb)

Here is the tracklisting:
(00:00) B B King – Chains And Things
(04:53) Introduction
(06:04) Steve Parks – Still Thinking Of You
(09:12) Smokestack Lightning – Idolize You
(13:49) Electric Prunes – I
(19:01) Music Machine – Hey Joe
(23:10) Break 1
(24:08) David Amram – Credo
(27:37) Denny Guy – Say You’ll Be With Me
(30:15) The Savage Rose – Your Daily Gift
(36:11) Break 2
(36:55) Wool – They Left Us Alone Now
(40:25) Wendy & Bonnie – Paisley Window Pane
(43:24) D.R. Hooker – Forge Your Own Chains
(47:51) Linn County – Suspended
(56:08) Joe E. Covington – Mama Neptune (edit)
(60:00) END

Joe Beats pic by Jenny Lederer

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