Site relaunched!

Our new site is now live! Well, we say “live”… its nearly there but we have some reorganising to do still, so please bear with us while things move about a bit and get it all in order. The main change is the front page, where we now have the rather snazzy Featured Shows section, as well as our new Featured Video which will allow us to get all AV on your ass with some videos of tracks we’re loving. Overall though the layout is the main alteration, with what we hope will be a more engaging experience for you lovely users, along with improved formatting on articles too. The redesign also comes as part of a wider strategy to link the various shows run by Motive Unknown, namely Turntable Radio and Mr Trick and Wrongtom, and have each show operating with its own website that shares this layout.

How do you like it so far though? Tell us below!

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