Rhythm Incursions: November 08 part deux

Part Deux

I kinda messed things up and this podcast originally went out with the wrong file (the one from the October show). This has now been fixed and I have been fired. This will be my last post before I possible commit ritual suicide in order to atone for the gravity of my sins. Moral of the story is either never trust a Frenchman or don’t work when you’re tired. I go for the first one personally. Originaly text, links and tracklist below.

Seeing as how things are still messed up worldwide, we’ve got another round of fresh new music to help fight the gloom and doom. Think of it like an audio version of Obama’s win, or something to that effect… yes we can (play dope music for you). The end of the year also means an abundance of new music, with our collective Rhythm Incursions music box packed to the rafters as labels and artists push their latest for the end of year/post new year rush. Putting this month’s show together was therefore more difficult than usual, and there is still quite a bit of music I couldn’t showcase, so look out for more goodness next month as we not only wrap up the year but also continue showcasing all the good stuff that’s out, or on its way. Still, I managed to fit in quite a lot in the space of an hour, from the likes of Kanye, Common, Just Blaze, Kano and Evil Nine to Rhythm Incursions favourites Nosaj Thing, Exile and Maga Bo as well as Diplo, Madlib, Fulgeance, Blank Blue, DJ Design and more. Do we have your full attention yet? Good.

As I was saying, this month sees me try to fit in as much new music as possible in the space of an hour. And alongside all the aforementioned artists, most of which appear with brand new tracks we haven’t aired yet, we also have a mini feature on producers Matt B and Nalepa aka Bass Science, whose music veers from electronic dub to dancefloor ready and bass heavy hip hop and dubstep. So get comfy, grab a drink, wack the volume up to 11 and enjoy!

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Dert – Get Em High / Lovestain – Taken from the album ‘Sometimes I Rhyme Slow’, Dert myspace
Blank Blue – In the Slim – Ubiquity
Madlib – Dirty Hop (The Shuffle) – Stones Throw
Madlib – Slapped Up (Slap n Clap) – Stones Throw
Phat Kat – Nightmare (Fulgeance’s Zombie Socca Remix) – Unreleased
Ceschi – Bad Jokes (Misanthrop remix) – Equinox Records
Evil Nine ft Aesop Rock – Crooked – Marine Parade
Kano – Reload It (Diplo remix) – Ninja Tune
Joker & Rustie – Play Doe – Kapsize
Mini feature starts
RND – Fuurk – Celestial Dragon records
Bass Science – Imminent Threat – Native State
Matt B ft Salva – Cars Go Boom – Exclusive, forthcoming Made in Glitch
Bass Science – No Power – Forthcoming Bankai Audio
Mini feature ends
Maga Bo feat Bigg – 3akel – Soot records
Flying Lotus – Rickshaw – Warp
Exile – In Love – Forthcoming from album ‘Radio’, Exile myspace
Flying Lotus – Camel (Nosaj Thing remix) – Warp
Jay Electronica (prod. Just Blaze) – Exhibit A (Transformation) – Guitar Center, download here
Onra – My Comet – All City
DJ Design – Play ft Oh no and Roc C – Look records
Clouds – Time Keeper (Ras G remix) – Ramp records

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