Rhythm Incursions: best of 2008 aka ‘get stuffed or die trying’


Right then. You might have been wondering when the hell this mix was going to be online, and rightly too considering we announced it a while back. In the end, with life and other fun things getting in the way we decided to hold it back until the festivities were starting, kind of like a virtual serving of extra stuffing. And being that it’s the season of over indulging and excess, this month’s show is a best of 08 mix special: no talking, just 70 mins of some of the best and our favouritest music of the year. Whether you’re enjoying the festivities with the family, alone or with friends, away or at home, at work or on holiday (I did work last on xmas day so I know it’s not an impossibility, big up those who are!) we hope you enjoy our last show of the year.

Not only does this show include some of our favourite singles and album tracks from 2008, it also comes with a xmas-sized mini feature looking at the ouput of the Hyperdub label, which gets label of the year by a long mile, regardless of genre.

2008 has definitely been an interesting year musically to say the least. Trick remarked earlier on in the month that album wise it hasn’t been an exceptional year, which I’d have to agree with to an extent. A few albums do stand out, like say The Bug’s ‘London Zoo,’ and between putting this mix together and doing the obligatory end of year list thing over on my blog I’ve come to the realisation that this year it’s much more singles, EPs and certain album tracks that stand out for me. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

This end of year special podcast reflects all of this with tracks from some of the year’s stand out albums, singles, EPs, and even a couple of unreleased numbers that have created quite a lot of interest on and offline. This show is also definitely a bit of a who’s who of the artists and the labels that have populated our tracklists on the regular since Rhythm Incursions moved to its podcast-only format back in June, with the likes of Nosaj Thing, Flying Lotus, Kode 9, Maga Bo, The Bug, J Dilla and more.

Another thing reflected in the mix is the return of the producer to the front in certain corners of the hip hop world (see explosion of interest around Flying Lotus for proof of that) and how this return has been distinctively led by a more awkward and experimental approach to instrumental tracks, also echoed in the work of certain producers affiliated with the dubstep, grime and other electronic scenes. While far from encompassing everything that happened this year, these two musical ‘tendencies’ have definitely had a big impact on fans, producers and DJs alike.

So that’s about it. We’re officially done for 08. Massive thanks to you the listeners for your continued support and a big big shout to the entire Rhythm Incursions clique: Mr Trick, Waxfactor, Carlo, Joey Beats, Dday One and the extended fam. Also a big thank you to all the artists and labels who have supported the show this year through their music and guest appearances.

Look out for more of the same in 2009, as we roll out some very tasty guest mixes and new shows from all the regulars in January (who knows Waxfactor might even come out of his hiding lair). If you’re new to the show then be sure to check our archives and the feed where you can find all the previous shows available for download (and there’s been some corkers this year).

And finally if you’re still feeling somewhat hungry or are looking for something else to get stuck into, then check out Turntable Radio’s own festive offering, which is none other than the entire Season’s Beatings series of festive mixes. These went live at the same time as this mix, so get stuck in yo!

See you in 2009.



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Daedelus – Hours: Mins: Secs – Ninja Tune
Radiohead – Reckoner (Nosaj Thing remix) – Unreleased
Ras G – Jus Feel – Poobah / P Vine
2tall – The Most High ft. Kashmere – Content
Starkey – Gutter Music – Planet Mu
Joker – Gully Brook Lane – Terrorhythm
The Bug – Ganja ft. Flowdan & Killa P – Ninja Tune
Trim – Thief In The Night (prod. Radioclit) – Soulfood
Maga Bo – Fire ft. Xuman – Soot Records
Big Boi – Royal Flush ft. Andre 3000 & Raekwon – La Face Records
Onra – The Anthem – Bo Bun Records
Mayer Hawthorne – Just Aint Gonna Work Out – Stones Throw
Best label of 2008 mini-feature – Hyperdub megamix
Burial – Archangel
Zombie – Test Me For a Reason
King Midas – Cool Out
Kode 9 & Spaceape – Konfusion
Cardopusher – Homeless (Quarta 330 remix)
Ikonika – Please
Kode 9 vs LD – Bad
Ikonika – Millie
Zombie – Spliff Dub (Rustie remix)
King Midas – One Ting (Dabrye remix)
Samiyam – Moon Shoes
Mini-feature ends
Mr Beatnick – I Know All the Bitches ft. Ahu (Simbad slow mix) – Altered Vibes
Afta1 – Honey Dip – Circulations
Paul White – For You and For me – One Handed Music
Mike Slott – Deux, Three ft Muhsinah – All City
Free the Robots – Times Like This – Equinox Records
M.I.A – Paper Planes (Diplo remix) ft. Bun B & Rich Boy – XL Recordings
Madlib – Blow The Horns ft Guilty Simpson – BBE
Flying Lotus – GNGBNG – Warp
Hud Mo – Ooops – LuckyMe x Wireblock
The Roots – Get Busy – Def Jam
Flying Lotus – Infinitum (Exile remix) – Warp
Scuba – Twitch (Jamie Vex’d remix) – Hotflush
J Dilla – Trucks – Stones Throw / MCA

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