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Its a new year and we all need the pickup. Good thing then that ZedVantz is here with just what you need… Fresh from his awesome Turntable Jazz mix that we aired last year, we got an email in our inbox just a couple of days ago with this – a mix we’d describe as “the mother of all pick-me-ups”. Not content with delivering some killer audio though, ZedVantz also enclosed a comic that is, quite frankly, stunning. More of that in a second though…

Flipping from hook to hook like a gazelle, on this mix ZedVantz drops all those riffs you know and love. Now some would think this would mean you listening thinking “heard it…”, but we’re talking about CLASSICS here dammit. At Rhythm Inc Towers that had one effect: we all got smiling and hopping about the place. Sublime, and just the thing to blow away the cobwebs of January and get you screaming “HELLS YEAH – BRING IT ON!!!”

And now the comic. We can’t say enough to big this up, so let’s just show it in full eh?

Comic - Page 1

Comic - Page2

Records he stole:

1. Marlena Shaw – California Sou (Diplo Rmx)
2. A-ko – Untitled
3. Joey Beats – Truth Be Told
4. Metaform – Urban Velvet
5. Cut Chemist – The Garden
6. Blend Crafters – Bad Luck Blues
7. Shoes – Afta Lafta
8. Mophono – Groovin Skip On Beat
9. Ghostface Killah – Daytona 500 (PZ Iron Lung Rmx)
10. Bob James – Nautilus (Shoes Rmx)
11. Palov & Mishkin – Oscar Boot Jr
12. Pablo – Record Shop (INTERLUDE)
13. Edan – Sing It Shitface
14. Prince Paul – You Made Me
15. Dudley Perkins – Flowers
16. Daedelus – Aplomb
17. Buck 65 – You Know The Science

38 min

Click here to download the mix! (92Mb)

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