DJ Pain – The Odd Side of The Sun


Now this one somehow would have slipped right by us, if it wasn’t for DJ Pain sending me an email on an unrelated note and mentioning that he’d sent a new mix to Trick a while back and hadn’t heard from him yet. Considering Pain is by far one of our favourite DJs, and a de-facto Rhythm-Incursions extended family member following his previous contributions to the show, it soon became clear that somehow, someway the email had fallen foul of a spam filter or something else. Lucky then that we picked up on it because this one is another unmissable mix.

The Odd Side of The Sun is DJ Pain’s tribute of sorts to the producer Odd Nosdam. I’ll let the man explain in a bit more detail:

The mix features all beats by producer Odd Nosdam throughout his career with the Mush and Anticon labels minus the Clouddead output that I didn’t want to focus on for the mix. I went through all of his beats that I had and wanted to do something that stayed close to his original work, yet at the same time throw my own twist on it. There’s almost 40 tracks mixed together in about 51 minutes. The mix is a little A.D.D on steroids, but I think it’s a good point for people to learn and hopefully enjoy Odd Nosdam’s tracks as much as I do… Elektro4 did the artwork.

The result is an instantly listenable and addictive instrumental ride into the work of Odd Nosdam, a great way to enjoy his music if you’re a fan and a perfect introduction if you’re not familiar with his output (which was the case for me as I only knew a few of his beats). The whole thing is wrapped up in the kind of tight package that you’d expect from DJ Pain.

It’s a pleasure to have Pain grace the Rhythm Incursions airwaves once more. So sit back, strap on your headphones or ready your speakers and crank it up to 11. No tracklist on this one, but the mix is 320kpbs goodness.

For more on DJ Pain make sure you check his myspace. And for Odd Nosdam look here.

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