Rhythm Incursions: March 09

Despite having come down with a nasty bit of flu we soldier on this month with another show full of musical goodness, including plenty of new and exciting forthcoming bits. Just ignore the gruff tone of voice. EDIT: I’ve also just realised I forgot to edit the intro, so it doesn’t repeat for ten seconds. Apologies all but I thought it best to put the show out rather than wait another couple of hours. It goes with the whole being ill thing.

2009 continues to be a pretty interesting year, with each month bringing new releases from new and established artists and labels, and we’re not about to complain. This month is no different with our selection box full of some great music including new bits from the likes of Bibio, AM Architect, DOOM, Take, Lorn, Daedelus, Nosaj Thing, Martyn, Hudson Mohawke and many more. From downtempo moods to straight up hip hop boom bap to deep dubby styles and mashed up electronica and chiptune, it’s all covered one way or another.

The mini feature this month looks at the recently launched Friends of Friends label out in L.A., which we wrote about a few weeks back. As usual check the playlist below for full details, and links to where you can buy the music. If you like what you hear, go out there and support the artists.

And stay tuned to the site for more guest mixes in the coming month, including the last of our L.A. specials and a guest mix from the Musique Large label in Paris, as well as more to be announced. For now though, sit back and enjoy!

Click here to download the show!

Soundspecies – Can We Call it Love – Burntprogress
Mono/Poly – The Beatles – Unreleased
Starkey – Miracles (Jamie Vexd Remix) – Planet Mu
Vangel – Broken Jazz Hands – Equinox records
Bibio – Odd Paws – Mush Records
AM Architect – What If – Exponential
Martyn – Vancouver – 3024
Architeq – Sleeping Bear (Take remix) – Tirk Records
Paul White – Alien Nature Extended version – One Handed Music
Mini feature starts
Daedelus – C’est Super – Friends of Friends
Jogger – Nice Tights – Friends of Friends
Daedelus – LA Noturn (Eliot Lipp remix) – Friends of Friends
Jogger – Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing remix) – Friends of Friends
Mini feature ends
Nalepa – Monday (Glitch Mob remix) – 1320 Recordings
DOOM – Ballskin – Lex Records
Debruit – Echtah – Musique Large
Lorn – Of Hearts – Unreleased / Forthcoming Brainfeeder
Hudson Mohawke – Monde – Warp
Quarta330 – Ahirskew – Maltine Records (free download)
Dorian Concept – Her Marshmallow Secret – Kindred Spirits
Fink – See It All – Ninja Tune

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