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We got this wicked cover of the classic Wu Tang joint C.R.E.A.M through in the inbox this week and it’s been rotating since. Taken from the forthcoming ‘Enter the 37th Chamber’ album by El Michels Affair, it’s a perfect example of how to do the cover thing the right way.

El Michels Affair are a New York-based instrumental group that bring together musicians from The Dap Kings, The Budos Band and Antibalas. I’ll let the press release do the rest of the explaining…

‘For Enter The 37th Chamber, a name that pays homage to the title of the Wu-Tang Clan’s historic debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), El Michels Affair, took the time to interpret fifteen of some of the most legendary and well-known Wu-Tang Clan songs, including “Can It All Be So Simple,” “Protect Ya Neck,” “Cherchez La Ghost,” and “Incarcerated Scarfaces.” Also included on the album are the El Michel’s interpolations of Wu-Tang Clan anthems “C.R.E.A.M.” and “Bring Da Ruckus,” two songs fans will undoubtedly remember from their previous release as 7″ singles through the Truth & Soul label. Similar to the sounds found on those two records, on Enter The 37th Chamber El Michels Affair are able to bring their own astute musicianship, artistic touch, and soul vibe to each instrumental, breathing new life into already classic songs. It was that musicianship and versatile sound that led to El Michels Affair joining the Fat Beats family, and now, two years later, the album is finally ready for the masses’

The album drops in late April on Fat Beats. For now though enjoy this one for free and be sure to grab this when it drops.

Download El Michels Affair – C.R.E.A.M (right click and save as)

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