Prefuse 73 – Preparations Kid’s Choir

Prefuse 73

Prefuse 73 isn’t really a name that should need introducing round these parts. One of Guillermo Scott Heren’s various musical aliases, Prefuse has been synonymous with forward thinking hip hop and electronic music productions for close to a decade, both on his own Eastern Development label as well as the Warp label, which has been his home for quite a while. I wouldn’t necessarily go with Pitchfork’s description of Prefuse’s work as ‘basicially a walking factory of glitch-rap beats’ not least because the word glitch hyphenated with anything else to describe a musical style makes me want to commit acts of violence, but let’s say that were it not for his work, as well as that of his peer Dabrye, the sound of today’s hip hop underground would be a lot different to what it is. A lot.

2009 sees Mr Herren back in full swing with no less than 4 releases in the course of about 6 weeks, including:
– A new Prefuse 73 album on Warp, ‘Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian’ out April 20th (peep the February Rhythm Inc show for a preview of that)
– A new Savath y Savalas LP on Stones Throw, ‘La Llama’ alongside singer Eva Puyuelo Muns out on May 12th
– A new album from his Diamond Watch Wrists side-project with Zach Hill of Mars Volta, ‘Ice Capped at Both Ends’, out on Warp May 4th
– And a new EP under the Prefuse 73 moniker on June 1st on Warp called ‘The Forest of Oversensitivity’

Now while high output might not necessarily always equate quality, there’s definitely exceptions to the rule and Herren is one of them for me. Each of these releases explores different styles, moods and influences, from a more trademark hip hop and electronic beats sound to the Latin influences of Savath via new, warmer and deeper tangents for the Prefuse EP and apparently acid folk and krautrock on Diamond Watch Wrists.

Personally the new LP ticks all the boxes, taking it back to a shorter, more instantly gratifying sound that was found in the earlier Prefuse albums, and the forthcoming releases are all eagerly anticipated.

To help cull the anticipation a little the lovely people at Warp records have given us a track to give out for free from the EP that will be released in June. Called ‘Preparations Kid’s Choir’ it’s a more ‘classic’ Prefuse sound and yet still holds enough to surprise and keep you wanting more.

Look out for more previews from the LP and other projects in April’s Rhythm Inc show.

Download the track here (right click and save as)

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