Primus Luta – Beat Construction

Beat Construction

We stay stateside with our latest guest mix, a 40 minute journey into instrumental hip hop and beats courtesy of Primus Luta. We hooked up with Primus thanks to the ‘social’ wonder that is twitter, and he offered to put together a mix for us which would be looking at some of the foundations of the current electronic music/hip hop crossover and movements that have been gaining track over the last 5-10 years.

In his own words:

‘This is a mix called “BeatConstruction.” 40+ minutes of instrumental madness from 1979-2000. My goal was to present a variety of stuff that shows the early groundwork laid for the instrumental electronic and hip-hop scene we’re seeing today. The other exciting thing about this mix is that it is a live mix created using the scrtch application which I developed for my Heads Project. scrtch is a two deck turntable emulation application developed for the monome in Bidule. Originally designed just for turntabilist effects (audio manipulation), as I started working on the live rig for the Heads Project I decided to modify it so that full fledged mixing could be achieved, this mix being the first result. I’m only using scrtch here so it isn’t the full live rig, but it is completely live (mistakes and all). Where my live set will be more about building extended grooves, this mix is a rapid fire assault of over forty tracks in just over forty minutes. Enjoy.

FEATURING: Africa Bambatta, AFX, Anti-Pop Consortium, Audio Two, The Ballistic Brothers, The B-Boys, The Beastie Boys, The Bomb Squad, Buckshot LeFongue, Chris Stein, DJ Food, DJ Krush, DJ Premier, DJ Shadow, Drexciya, El P, Fab 5 Freddy, Full Force, Invisible Skratch Piklez, Jigsaw Productions, Jay Dee, Kraftwerk, La Funk Mob, Large Professor, Larry Smith, Mantronix, Mark the 45 King, Meat Beat Manifesto, Midnight Funk Association, Miles Davis, Peter Brown, Pete Rock, Prince Paul, Reload, The Sabres of Paradise, The Ummah, Unkle, Urban Tribe, X-Ecutioners.’

So not only is this mix full of the productions which are very dear to us here at Rhythm Inc, it’s also a pretty original live mix using one of the most interesting live interface/instruments of recent years.

No tracklisting as such, but if you like what you hear than be sure to check Primus’ site, Avanturb where you can keep up to date with the Heads Project as well as his live manipulations and music. Massive thanks to him for taking the time to put this together for us, and in a slightly freaky coincidence look out for a mix from 2tall and myself in the coming months which will be looking at the whole evolution of the beat/electronic hip hop thing from 1999 to 2009, picking up where Primus’ mix leaves off.

Download the mix here (right click and save as)

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