Fox Gut Daata Live at Ballers Social


We have another excellent live session courtesy of the LuckyMe family and Ballers Social Club night this month.

This time from Fox Gut Daata, a little known producer from the UK who I first came across last year on Myspace but don’t actually really know a lot about. The Viral Radio guys over in Holland have had him play at their night before and have mentioned him to me before, and his myspace is not exactly forthcoming with information.

Thing is the music is what really matters and in the case of Fox Gut Daata it very much does speak for itself. Though what kind of speech it represents is anyone’s guess – it’s definitely not your average speech pattern or accent, as you can hear for yourself on this short, but intense, live set.

If you had to describe the music, I guess you could say it falls somewhere near the current hip hop meets electronic music line but with its own twists and originalities.

Be sure to check the myspace for more links to live sessions and freely available tracks. As for the Ballers Social Club check their myspace for the latest party info. In the next month they have Kode 9, Hudson Mohawke, Gaslamp Killer and Samiyam all passing through. Once more thanks to Joe for the hook up on the live mix. Expect more in the future.

Download the mix here (right click and save as)

1. wurdHOMESs
2. think it nil nil
3. robbies tune
4. dip right in it
5. slime rite 1+2
6. it be alrite on the nite
7. Gerd Nerd
8. clutha kids

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