Rhythm Incursions: July 09

We’re back with a much delayed regular show. Apologies for the lack of updates and shows in June, but life got in the way with work, other projects and my own Original Cultures work. Still the upside is we’ve got quite a lot of stuff to get through, so this month there’ll be two regular shows, with the next one dropping towards the end of the month. In between we should also have a few guest mixes and other surprises so stay tuned to the site.

As for this month’s new show, it’s another 80 mins of fresh new sounds and older favourites taking in music from Cooly G, Awol One, Busdriver, Milanese, Om Unit, Clutchy Hopkins, FaltyDL, Mr Dibiase, SA-RA, Push Button Objects, Prefuse 73, Joker, Bibio, Ras G and many more. Full tracklist below.

This month’s mini feature shines a light on L.A. producer Take aka Sweatson Klank. Take is by far one of my favourite producers in the whole ‘beat scene’ movement, and someone who I think is quite often forgotten or underated when discussing the recent rise in popularity and attention surrounding the whole beat thing. More than that, having been around for 10+ years, Take links the old and the new as far as the beat thing goes, having helped to usher in the beat movement in L.A. alongside people like Kutmah, Eric Coleman and others. His work, like that of people like Prefuse and Dabrye, nicely shows this and this mini feature shines a little light on this acting as a nice introduction to those who may not know of him. Peep the tracklist for full details and check his myspace for all the latest release news. Also look out for an interview I did with the man coming out shortly, here’s a sneak peek.

As usual you can download/stream the show directly below and/or subscribe via RSS or iTunes so you never miss a thing.

Enjoy and catch you in a few weeks.

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Cooly G – Love Dub refix – Hyperdub
FaltyDL – Human Meadow – Planet Mu
Floating Points – J&W Beat – Planet Mu
Jungle Drums – Walk – We Ain’t Music
Prefuse 73 – Overkill Choir – Warp
Flying Lotus – Camel (Mr. Dibiase remix) – Unreleased, download from here
Mr. Dibiase – Mario Galaxy –
The Clonious – Fogged Spacesuit – Ubiquity Records
SA-RA – Bitch Baby – Ubiquity Records
Clutchy Hopkins meets Lord Kenjamin – Tune Traveler – Ubiquity Records
Build An Ark – Dawn (Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program remix) – Kindred Spirits
Bibio – Fire Ant – Warp
Mini feature – Take aka Sweatson Klank
Take – Walk Away ft. Gaby Hernandes – Innercurrent Recordings
Take – The Start of our Ending – Buttermilk records
Take – Sugar – Eat Concrete
Take – Wonderman’s Flask – Unreleased
Mini feature ends
Debruit ft Ommas Keith – Going wit’ You – Civil Music
Juice Aleem – Who is He? – Big Dada
Awol One – Glamourous Drunk – Fake Four Inc
MRR-ADM – Track 1 – Stone Throw
The Gaslamp Killer ft. Gonja Sufi – Kobwebs – Milan Records
Om Unit – Cradle – Terror Rhythm
Milanese ft. Ben Sharpa – Disclosure – Planet Mu
The Heavy – How You Like me now (Joker remix) – Counter records
Mark Pritchard ft Ommas Keith – Wind it up (freak mix) – Hyperdub
Pantyraid – Beba – Marine Parade
Busdriver – Split Seconds – Anti records
Push Button Objects – Breakers delight – Chocolate Industries x Adult Swim, download compilation for free here

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