Olive Oil – Kill Ur Skills mix


Our man DDay One was over in Japan last month for a short tour, from which he brought back this excellent mix from the one and only Olive Oil.

A DJ and producer originally from the southern islands but currently based in Tokyo, Olive Oil is someone I’ve known of for a while, part of the same post-DJ Krush school of sound aesthetics as people like Baku, Kentaro and Tatsuki. Those who’ve been following the shows and my own writing for a while will know that this musical approach, very particular to the new generation of Japanese producers, is one of the things that appeals the most to me when it comes to their work.

Olive Oil combines production, DJing and live shows in new and interesting ways, painting sounds in an abstract and sometimes deeply personal way. I recommend checking his past and present output for a good idea of what the man has to offer.

You can also check a special mix we podcasted on Turntable Radio late last year featuring Ken One and Olive Oil live in Fukuoka. Ken One has worked with Olive Oil on and off, and this live mix is a perfect example of the aforementioned sound aesthetic which is so special to me when it comes to the new generation of Japanese producers and DJs.

For more info on Olive Oil check his myspace and the label Oil Works. A new album is forthcoming this year I believe.

Massive thanks to DDay One for the hook up and to Olive Oil for the love. Look out for another regular show from the man DDay One very shortly.

For now though enjoy 40 odd minutes of musical bliss.

Download Olive Oil – Kill Ur Skills (right click and save as)

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