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Continuing the Japanese theme we started last week with our guest mix from Olive Oil, here’s a mix from another Japanese friend and collaborator of ours, Tatsuki. Originally put together for the Original Cultures podcast series, I’m using the slow, quiet summer months to give it another push and put it out for those who might have missed it first time round.

Regular listeners might remember Tatsuki from a guest mix he did on Turntable Radio back in 06. Since then he’s been rather quiet, working R&D at Korg (he’s the man responsible for the Korg Zero4 mixer) and quietly doing bits here and there for friends. He’s probably most well known for his featuring on Krush’s ‘Decks-A-Thron’ from the 2004 Jaku album as well as his work with Danish band Blue Foundation.

This year Tatsuki is taking part in the first Original Cultures series of events, representing Japan in the field of music and for this occasion put together a mix showcasing influences and favourites. Tracklist and download links are below. For more info on the man hit up his myspace, and for more info on Original Cultures check the newly redesigned site.

Also look out for some exclusive audio from the Original Cultures pilot event in Bologna very soon featuring Tatsuki, 2tall / Om Unit and Tayone. Oh and be sure to subscribe to the Original Cultures feed and/or iTunes podcast feed to make sure you get all the mixes coming through – there’s some tasty ones forthcoming.

Download the mix here! (right click and save as)

Tatsuki – Original Cultures radio mix

1. Intro
2. Vice Verzen Instrumental
3. tatsuki* Loop 1
4. Ekaj – Enmap
5. Apes on Tapes – Grand 5
6. Goth-Trad – Acid Steps
7. Dj Baku – Element for Perfect
8. Dj Krush feat Mc Kan – Mosa
9. Dj Shadow x Depeche Mode – Painkiller
10.Dj Krush feat Tatsuki – Deck’s Athron
11.Dj Krush – Kemuri Untouchable Mix

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