Dday One – In Session no.6 “Music for Eclipse Watching”


Greetings and welcome to another installment of Rhythm Incursions. It’s been a minute, I am glad to be back in the mix for you!

This session is a bit different from the accustomed live mixes which included mostly new and classic material. This time the music selected was inspired by a specific topic. Since I am in full studio/beatmaking mode I foresee the next few podcasts to be in this nature, as going through stacks of vinyl is once again a daily routine.

Music for Eclipse Watching – Compiled by Dday One

60 min mix of cosmic sounds, acetate artifacts and sequencer pulsed rhythms to help in the wonderful splendor that is eclipse watching.

Dates of future eclipse + Other Info – http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse.html

Dday One

P.S: Thanks to every who got the limited Dday One “Journal” CDR w/ Content (L)abel t-shirt from Samplist.com, there are a few left. Also thanks to everyone that has been tuning in, please collect and share these mixes and support the artists. Much love from the heat blazing Los Angeles….


Download the mix here! (right click and save as)

Music for Eclipse Watching
Compiled by: Dday One

Simon Hancock – Singularly Simon (BBC RECORDS)
Suzanne Ciani – The Eight Wave
Steve Roach – Worlds
Vangelis – Freefall
Steven Halpern & Dallas Smith – New Dawn
Elektriktus – Flying At Sunset
Jade Warrior – Borne On To the Solar Wind
Wally Badarou – Mambo
Tim Blake – Lighthouse
Zanov – Moebius 301
Energy – Metamorphosis impressions
Sun Ra – Hidden Spheres
Harry Thumann – I’m Happy to be In the Sun
Gilles Zeitschiff – The Electronic Scene
Agitation Free – In the Silence of the Morning Sunrise
Shin Jung Hyun & the Men – The Evening Sun

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