Loops Haunt – Mini mix


We first discovered Loops Haunt thanks to our good friends at Ballers Social and LuckyMe a few months back. In fact we featured both him and fellow Dundee producer Samoyed ahead of their live show in Glasgow we liked their stuff so much.

Following this the man hit us up with some of his forthcoming releases, much to our pleasure. Granted it’s not the most ‘easy’ to listen to music, but it ticks the right boxes for us. It has a raw energy that’s undeniable, and it’s the kind of music that fits the ethos of the show perfectly – picking up where hip hop and others left off and moving things forward.

So it was a nice surprise to find a new mini mix from the man in the inbox over the weekend. Not much info or details, and as he puts it himself it’s mainly sketches, ideas and essentially just a laugh. However it’s a pretty good laugh as far as we’re concerned.

There is no tracklist yet, we’ll update soon as we have one. For now though, crank up to 11, sit back and get ready to be pummeled by some serious beats. For more on the man hit up his myspace. He has a few shows coming up across the UK and some releases forthcoming on the Black Acre label as well as French label Eklektik.

Download the mix here! (right click and save as)


-beat + MJ–+ the trick, —loops haunt

-untitled track demo —loops haunt

-tunneling through rotten harps —-loops haunt — demo,

-rubber sun grenade—–loops haunt—(fortified records)

-proton pack—loops haunt (fortified records)

-untitled track –loops haunt demo

-art of noise beat– loops haunt

-untitled track—loops haunt

-huarache—(fortified records)

-mad bob—loops haunt — demo

joplin——- loops haunt (Black acre)

the latin world of edmundo ross

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