Om Unit x Tatsuki x Tayone – Live in Bologna 09 mix


Things have been a bit quiet round these parts, as we work away at preparing some exciting shows, but we’ve still got some tricks up our sleeves. First of which is this exclusive mix of the first Original Cultures showcase which took place in Bologna, Italy earlier this year. Featuring the musical talents of Om Unit (aka 2tall), from the UK, Tatsuki, from Japan, and Tayone, from Italy, alongside special guest Bruno Briscik on cello bass, the mix highlights some of the best bits of a 2h30 showcase that was truly unique in many ways.

Why unique I hear you ask? Well because all of the music played on the night (apart from Om Unit’s solo set) was created in the days prior to the showcase in a series of workshops between the 3 artists. They’d never met each other before, barely spoke the same languages (Tayone speaks no English) and communicated primarily through music. In the space of 3 days, and roughly 24 hours of actual workshops, they put together 12 tracks and a one hour showcase. Alongside all this, 3 visual artists from the UK and Italy also worked for 3 days alongside the musicians to create a visual show to compliment the music. The result included live painting, an animation and Chinese-shadow based visual displays, all of which formed an integral part of the showcase alongside the music.

For more information on what happened during the workshops and to listen to a two-part audio documentary from which this mix is taken, check part 1 here and part 2 here. There are also additional mixes from the workshops to download on the Original Cultures site. Also look out for a video documentary at the end of september.

Be sure to check the website for full details and if your curiosity has been piqued than check this exclusive mix and look out for a full digital release of the entire audio from the showcase later this year.

Download the mix! (right click and save as)

Om Unit x Tatsuki x Tayone ft. Bruno Briscik – Live in Bologna 09
Tatsuki – solo showcase
Om Unit – solo showcase
Om Unit x Tatsuki x Tayone ft Bruno Briscik – live showcase
Om Unit x Tatsuki x Tayone ft Bruno Briscik – encore

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