DJ Zedvantz – Death Mix


It’s Halloween season and we’re not about to be undone for participating in the ‘festive’ spirit. Rhythm Inc regular DJ Zedvantz charges in head first with a Halloween-themed mix which should fit the ghoulish needs of music fans, while also doubling up nicely as a mix you can also listen to outside of the Halloween season.

He dropped us a line over the weekend, explaining that he’d just finished a ‘Death Mix’ which went something like (and we quote) ‘Turntablism meets Hardcore/Metal meets Hip-Hop meets everything else under the sun’. That already had us open and listening. He added, ‘lots of evil dialog scattered through the mix… perfect for the halloween vibe but listenable anytime of the year!’

And with the likes of Kid Koala, Marilyn Manson, Kurt Cobain, Dibbs, Jel and more all rubbing shoulders (or should that be severed limbs?) in there we couldn’t agree more and hope you’ll enjoy this early Halloween treat. Perfect as a soundtrack for the kids’ trick or treat round (if you’re the kind of person who likes to freak out kids that is) or getting ready for whatever Halloween activity you’ll be partaking in.

In related Halloween news I’d be hoping to drop a creepy/evil dub mix for Halloween too, unfortunately my laptop decided to pack it in over the weekend so unless I can pull something out the bag in time before saturday it’ll have to wait till a little later.

For now though, sit back, crank the volume to 11 and rock the f*ck on.

Download the mix (right click and save as)

01. Kurt Cobain – At The End Of My Rope (zedvantz rmx)
02. The Slew – Battle Between Heaven & Hell
03. Mr. Dibbs – Taste Of Death*
04. Johnny Cash – Thirteen*
05. Gaslamp Killer – Afterall
06. Kid Koala – Wrong Side Of The Tracks
07. Prince Paul – Beautiful Night
08. Reanimator – Abigail/Summer Turns To Snow
09. Presage – Unseen Force
10. Jel – Changing Patterns
11. Dj Scientist – Atarius
12. Mr. Dibbs – Chaos*
13. Marilyn Manson – Fight Song*
14. Eddie Noack – Psycho*

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