Rhythm Incursions – October 09

Despite it being nearly one week into November, we’re bringing you the October show which suffered the delaying combo of both my laptop dying and a rather nasty cold hitting me in the same week. The show was actually wrapped 2 weeks ago but we couldn’t get it out till now. Lucky you though, as you’ll be getting another show in a few weeks with our November edition.

I realised as I was putting the tracklist together that for some reason this month features a rather high number of freely available tracks. This is in part a reflection of my own listening habits (and the fact I spend way too much time on the internet) but also I think of the move by artists and labels to make more music available freely as a way to promote paying releases, gigs and other merchandise. Lastly I would also say that the increasing number of free tracks in our playlists this year is a reflection of the increase in quality in free music. Whereas before free tracks where often throwaway material, today an increasing number of artists are releasing bootlegs, remixes and their own tracks for free and keeping a high quality control on it. Again I think this is something that plays into the aforementioned ‘free music as promotion’ vehicle. All the artists with a freely available track in this month’s show also have physical, paying releases and quite a few are actually established artists in their own ‘scenes’.

What about the music though? This month we take in a rather wide range of music, reflecting the diversity of what’s been trickling into our inbox/hands. From the psychedelic meets Afghani traditional music of Ariana Delawari to straight beats (and some incredible flips) from KenLo, fLako, Fulgeance and Dibiase via tribal house vibes from Blue Daisy, 21st century boogie from Dam Funk, hard-hitting hip hop from Kids in Tracksuits and Mr Lif and forward-thinking productions from Om Unit, Mike Slott and Talen. And that’s only part of it, there’s more and it’s all high quality as far as I’m concerned.

This month’s mini-feature is a tie-in with the 5th anniversary of the Hyperdub label. Headed by Kode 9, Hyperdub has long been a favourite at Rhythm Inc, with Trick regularly playing the label’s early releases as both the show and label share roughly the same birthdays. To celebrate their anniversary Hyperdub have curated an incredible compilation, called ‘5’, spanning two CDs or 5 12″s and featuring classic material from the label’s archive, unreleased one-offs and 15 or so brand new productions from the label’s artists and friends including names like Flying Lotus, Mala, Martin, Samiyam, Ikonika, Quarta330, and more. It’s fair to say that ‘5’ is the final nail in the coffin for lesser labels, if it was even needed, that shows just how influential and forward thinking Hyperdub has been as an independent over the years. From its humble beginnings to its current wide palette of sounds, Hyperdub continues to do what everyone least expects, and that’s just one of many reasons why we love them and their music. For the feature we’ve got four tracks from the compilation taking in The Bug under his King Midas Sound alias, Mala, Kode 9 and Samiyam – music as different as it comes and yet somehow logically intertwined.

So enough with the words, sit back and crank the volume for 2h of the latest and freshest music. And stay tuned for some special shows coming up in the month. For now enjoy!

Download the show (right click and save as)

KenLo Craqnuques – Noir 19 – Taken from Noir beatape (free download)
Dday One – Natural Balance – Superdheadz
Ichiro – NarcoSystem – Oil Works
Frank n Dank – Shut It Down (devremix) – Unreleased (free download)
Geiom – Flic en Flac – Fabric (free download)
Reason or Romanza – Seven Uses of Potential Difference (Blue Daisy Tribal Remix) – Civil Music
Ariana Delawari – Laily Jan – David Lynch MC
Erikah Badu – Real Thing (fLako remix) – Unreleased (free download)
Sound Scientists – Evil Violin – DVent
Talen – The Morning Rush, An Oddatee Tale – Mouthwatering Records
Mini feature – Hyperdub 5
King Midas Sound – Meltdown – Hyperdub
Mala – Level Nine – Hyperdub
Kode 9 & Spaceape – Ghost Town – Hyperdub
Samiyam – Return – Hyperdub
Mini feature ends
Aufgang – Barok (Fulgeance remix) – Unreleased (free download)
Loops Haunt – Dusk Mechanics (Samoyed Remix) – Fortified Audio
Om Unit – Lavender – All City
Jose James – Black Magic (Untold remix) – Brownswood
Jose James – Black Eyed Susan – Brownswood
Little Dragon – Fortune (Afta 1 remix) – Unreleased (free download)
Dam Funk – Hood Pass Intact – Stones Throw
Kids in Tracksuit – Zone ft Mr Lif – Fluid Ounce
Filewile – Number One Kid (Robot Koch remix) – Mouthwatering records
Breakage and Skream – Skreakage – Digital Soundboy
Quest – The Unknown – Deep Medi Musik
Hyaku Mado – Red Line (Scorn remix) – Murder Channel
Sibian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker remix) – Unreleased (free download)
Helixir – Convultions – 7even
Sound Species – Psychedelic Xylophone – Unreleased (free download)
Mike Slott – 23 Halfs – LuckyMe (free download)
Jogger – Champing at the bit (live) – Magical Properties
Ave Blaste – Sega – Keep Up
Cignol – Tumnal – Alphabet Set
U-N-I – Castle Vee Re-Up ft Black Milk (prod. by Dibiase) – Taken from ‘Before There was Love’ mixtape (free download)

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