Rhythm Incursions – November 09

We reach the last but one show of the year with yet more exclusives and brand new music for your listening enjoyment. In addition, the mini feature this month is part 1 of a ‘Labels of 2009’ feature as I couldn’t just choose one label this year so instead decided to shine a light on two labels who both deserve it in my opinion.

Music wise we’ve got some exclusive previews of music from Om Unit, Loops Haunt, Debruit, Leatherette and Ernesto Gonzales, all of which will be dropping in the first quarter of 2010. Alongside these we have the usual fresh music from a host of artists and labels including Hyperdub, Ramp Recordings, Tectonic, Dutty Artz, the amazing Mr Chop release on Now Again/Five Day Weekend, the psychedelic new Edan release, Madlib and Strong Arm Steady, Non+Herrmutt Lobby, SA-RA, DJ Food, Ben Sharpa and many more.

As for the mini feature, well part 1 of the ‘Labels of 2009’ shines a light on One Handed MUsic, the London-based independent headed by Alex Chase (also responsible for Stones Throw in Europe). Despite, or most likely because, its small roster of artists, 2009 has been a good year for the label release wise with the Paul White debut album, another 2 EPs from the prolific London beat-maker, an EP from Bullion the label’s other, hugely promising London artist, and an amazing EP from Fulgeance, the French MPC master who does ‘chopped & screwed house’ (as Mr Trick called it) like no one else can. The releases aren’t just the reason why I choose OHM as a label of the year – it’s everything else, like Alex’s obviously on point A&R and the artwork and attention that has gone into every release, whether physical or digital (anyone who’s seen the hand-sewn pillow cases for the Paul White album will testity). So I’ll let the music do the talking with a selection of five tracks from this year’s releases. Look out for OHM to continue their rise in 2010 with more Paul White, a long-awaited Tranquill EP and more.

Part 2 of the mini-feature will be coming next month, looking at Ramp Recordings, which ironically Alex Chase pointed out was also run by someone from Suffolk, that is Tom@Ramp. So looks like Suffolk had it on lock for ’09 then – who would have thought. The December show will most likely be similar to the one I put together last year, ie. a best of 09 mix with the label mini feature included in there. Look out for details soon, it’ll drop just before xmas in time for the seasonal overload.

For now though, sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy. And remember check the tracklist for full details of websites and where to buy the music and go out and support if you like what you hear!

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Tracklist – November 09
2562 – Dinosaur – Tectonic
Jahdan Blackamoor ft Klash77 – She Said – Dutty Artz
Pinch ft Yolanda – Get Up – Tectonic
Dub U – Delia – Unreleased
SA-RA ft Ta’ Raach and Jay Electronica – Love Czars II – Ubiquity/Serato
Touchy Subject – The Kind – Unreleased
Mr Chop – Shut Em Down – Five Day Weekend / Now Again
Dynamites – Kingston Dub Town – Pressure Sounds
Lewis – Mandy’s Uh – Unreleased
Foreign Beggars – Don’t Dhooow It (Machine Drum remix) – Dented Records
Loops Haunt – Huarache – Forthcoming Fortified Audio
Stoney Jackson – Cheeba Cheeba – Stones Throw
Om Unit – Lightgrids – Forthcoming All City Records
Take – Chrome in the Clouds – Powershovel Audio
Mini Feature starts / Labels of 09 pt 1: One Handed Music
Paul White – Synth March – One Handed Music
Bullion – Young Heartache – One Handed Music
Paul White – Vs the BBC – One Handed Music
Paul White – Dream State (Dam Tales) (Extended Version) – One Handed Music
Fulgeance – Ann Arbor – One Handed Music
Mini Feature ends
King Midas Sound – Goodbye Girl – Hyperdub
Debruit – Nigeria What? – Forthcoming Civil Music
Gemmy – Shanti Riddim – Planet Mu
Willie Isz – The Grustle (LV remix) – Unreleased
Alix Perez ft Foreign Beggars – The Cut Deepens – Shogun Audio
Ben Sharpa ft Wordsworth – Why – Jarring Effects
DJ Food ft DK – Sentinel (Shadow Guard) – Ninja Tune
Ernesto Gonzales – Falling Asleep to the Glow of the – Forthcoming Friends of Friends (exclusive premiere)
Ernesto Gonzales – Etchasketch Trees (Yppah Remix) – Friends of Friends
Desto – Disappearing Reappearing – Ramp recordings
Lone – Karen Loves Kate – Werk Discs
Leatherette – Clip Your Wings – Forthcoming Norm Rex
Edan – Echo Party sampler – Five Day Weekend
Mike Slott – 40 Winx – LuckyMe
Non+Hermutt Lobby – Save That Shit – Catune

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