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I discovered Benjamin One via Soundcloud, not sure how or when but that’s where I first heard his music. At one point, listening to his new beats and remixes it became clear that he also knew people I’d known/worked with over the years from around Bristol way. So I continued to check his stuff throughout the year, liking his penchant for headnodding beats and the odd, over-the-top bass indulgence.

About 3 weeks or so ago, as I was listening to another one of new tracks I thought his music would be a perfect fit for the show – a message request later and he’d kindly agreed to do a little guest mix for us.

So without further ado I’ll leave you in the very capable hands of Benjamin One, with a short but very sweet mix of work he’s done this year and things that have inspired him. A few words from the man himself before the jump…

Hip hop producer from the south west UK, inspired by hip hop culture and artists like Depth Charge, Photek, Dynametrix, Red Ninja, Dillinger, Hardnoise, Katch 22, MC Mello, Kold Sweat Records, Music of Life Records and a with very live show on my MPC sampler and beat machines that has let me share stages with Gaslampkiller, Anti Pop Consortium, Dose One and Jel, Bullion, Edan, Sole, Slugabed, Rekordah and many more both as a solo artist and as part of the Vertebrae and Root Elevation collectives

For full info and details of forthcoming releases head over to his website,

Download ‘Benjamin One – Digital Summary’ (right click and save as)

Intro – Weather Report
Benjamin One – Realise – CDR
Stepchild – Back – CDR
John Kennedy – Space o Matic (benjamin one remix) – Organik records
Btol and Benjamin One – Four Twelve – CDR
Dobie – New Madness (benjamin one remix) – CDR
Beastie Boys – Too Many Rappers (accapella)
Benjamin One – We Can Try (26 letters) – CDR
Juice Aleem – Rock my Hologram – Ninja Tune
E.a.r.l – Gymps – CDR
Benjamin One – Bison Beat – CDR
Ernesto Gonzales – Self Awakening (Take remix) – Friends of Friends
Freestyle Fellowship – Tolerate (Awkward remix) – CDR
Dj Rogue – Dreams (benjamin one remix) – CDR
Unison – Brothers and Sisters (Awkward remix) – CDR
Harmonic 313 – Cyclotron c16 – Warp
Abacus – On Meeting – CDR

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