Ernest Gonzales – Been Meaning To Mix This

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We return to the Friends Of Friends label with our latest guest mix, this time taking in the work and forthcoming release of Texas-based producer Ernest Gonzales. The label and the man should be no strangers to regular listeners – ever since FoF started hitting us back in 09 when they launched we’ve been firm fans of their fresh approach to music and packaging and Ernest’s music has featured in the last few shows ever since his EP dropped in the autumn of 09 and the label kindly sent us a preview of the album which hasn’t left the daily rotation in 3 months. It’s that good.

With all this in mind I decided that this was the perfect occasion to get the label, and Ernest, in for a guest mix. A few email exchanges and weeks later and they duly delivered with a beautiful guest mix that serves as the perfect appetizer for the album, ‘Been Meaning To Tell You’.

This album, Ernest’s second, is for me already one of the early contenders for albums of the year – and this is not the kind of thing I’d say (or type) lightly. It’s a dreamy excursion into the mind of its maker, combining hip hop, electronic and folk sensitivities into a mix that transports the listener away into his or hers own imagination and taps into whatever they might be feeling. Or at least that’s how it’s made me feel. The ‘story’ behind the album is explained briefly by Ernest on the website:

Dear Devyn,
Ok, so I’m not the best person when it comes to expressing myself and how I feel for you but I want you to know that this album is for you. These songs are all the things I’ve been meaning to tell you…all the words, thoughts, and emotions that are so hard for me to express. The pages in this book serves as a map to help you find your way back home in case you are lost…and this website will let other people also say the things that they have been meaning to tell someone.

With love,

In true FoF fashion the release itself comes as a mighty package bringing together 30 artists alongside Ernest, both on remix and art duties. The album will be available alongside a full-colour book featuring original works inspired by each of the songs. And alongside this will be 16 remixes. Here’s the official blurb regarding what is available, and how:

The album wouldn’t be a Friends of Friends project if it weren’t something special so Ernest and FoF invited over 30 people to the mix! The final collaboration includes 16 tracks from the likes of Daedelus, CYNE, Faunts, Yppah, matthewdavid, & Copy and is accompanied by a full-color art book featuring original works from 14 visual artists. The book will be available in physical form from FoF Music as well as in the digital bundle in all formats (as a .pdf) including as a download with the 180g white vinyl released by Tall Corn Music.

So to recap the album, and book, will be available in both physical and digital formats. An early digital release of the album is currently available on the site, though I believe it doesn’t include the remixes yet. If you missed it you can also purchase the EP which preceded the album, ‘Self Awakening’, and which features 5 of the album remixes from people such as Take, Mexicans with Guns and Yppah to name a few.

To say we’re hyped about this release is a bit of an understatement, and if you’ve read until now you’ve probably already figured that out. We’ve seen the book (well its digital counterpart anyways) and the art is great – a perfect addition to the music. Combined with the remixes, you’ve got the sort of package that should have maximum appeal to music fans. The amount of thought and effort that has gone into it shines through the art.

With the release in early February, this mix is an introduction to the influences and friends that make the record including show favourites like Yppah, Nosaj Thing and Daedelus. I’ll let Ernest explain how he approached it:

This mix is a little bit of friends, mixed with artists/friends that helped with the remix album, plus music that I feel influenced Been Meaning To Tell You and a bit of newer stuff I like.

So without further ado, get stuck in and when you’re done I recommend you head over to the album site and get your ordering on, you won’t regret it. Look out for more previews of the album in forthcoming shows.

Download Ernest Gonzales – Been Meaning To Mix This (right click and save as)

1. Bibio – Haikuesque (When She Laughs)
2. Nosaj Thing – Fog
3. Aether – Caparra
4. Ocuban – H. RATNANI
5. Architeq – Sleeping Bear Lament (Take Remix)
6. Adventure Time – Water Plop
7. Caribou – Hammerheads
8. Yppah – Gumball Machine Weekend
9. Faux Pas – Changes
10. The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows
11. Four Tet – Smile Around the Face
12. Shinichi Osawa – Star Guitar
13. New Order – Ceremony
14. Cars and Trains – Some Lonesome Street Corner (Ernest Gonzales Remix)
15. Upon the 49th Day
16. Daedelus – Rabbit Ears

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