Rhythm Incursions – January 2010

We return to the regular broadcasts with our first show of the year, and we are starting 2010 as we intend to continue with 2 hours of fresh new music and forthcoming releases alongside some recent favourites.

It seems 2010 is starting rather well, with a slew of new releases and announced albums for the first quarter of the year. With this in mind I decided to make the mini feature a look forward at what 2010 has in stock both from artists and labels I am personally looking forward to. So I selected 10 tracks for 2010 which I think highlight this nicely. In no particular order we’ve got Om Unit, Illum Sphere, Slugabed, Shlomo, Instra:mental, Dizz1, GOD and Loops Haunt, Teebs and Jackhigh, Letherette, Lorn and labels like All City Records, Svetlana Industries, FoF and Nod Navigators.

Though to be honest pretty much the whole show is a look forward to the new year and most of the artists are worthy of being ones to watch for 2010. Alongside this we’ve got new music from the likes of Mr Chop & CL Smooth, Ernest Gonzales, Bullion, Aquadrop, Jose James, Hyperdub, Lone, Robot Koch, Greymatter and more.

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So that’s it for this month, I’ll let you to sit back and crank up the stereo to 11. Look out for a series of guest mixes and live shows from Japan starting this weekend. And I’ll be back with another show next month with more of the same. Until then enjoy the music and if you like what you hear than be sure to go out there and support the music and artists.

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Tracklist – January 2010
Freddy Todd – Cant Fathom This (Om Unit remix) – Forthcoming Car Crash Set
Lone – Once In A While – Forthcoming Werk Discs
Mayer Hawthorne – Green Eyed Love (Aquadrop remix) – Unreleased
B Ju – Soja Extra (Benny B Blanco remix) – Forthcoming Error Broadcast
aDaD – Sky (prod. Exile) – All Natural Inc
Ghost Monkey – Octopedia Dub – Unreleased
The Q4 – One of these days – Project Mooncircle
Mr Chop and CL Smooth – T.R.O.Y (The Resurrection) – Five Day Weekend/Now Again Records
Drake – Forever (Nosaj Thing remix) – Unreleased, download free
Sun Circle – Stars Fall Down (Mr Beatnick dub) – Futuristica Music
Tapes – Hackney Dub – Jahtari
Robot Koch ft Grace – Blind – Forthcoming Project Mooncircle
Oh No vs Oneness of Juju – Juju March – Stones Throw
Analog Jones – Smog – Burntprogress
Mini Feature – 10 to watch for 2010
G.O.D & Loops Haunt – Drum Whip Collider – Forthcoming NozL records
Dizz1 – Frazzled – Nod Navigators
Teebs and Jackhigh – Rains – Forthcoming Svetlana Industries
Illum Sphere – Shadowman – Fat City recordings
Machinedrum – Late Night Operation (Leatherette Remix) – Norm Rex
Lorn – Running Ink (Om Unit remix) – Unreleased
Slugabed – Skyfire – Forthcoming Planet Mu
Shlomo – Hot Boxing the Cockpit – Friends of Friends
Dibiase – I Pity The Fool – All City Records
Instra:mental – Forbidden – Applepips
Mini feature ends
DVA – Natty – Forthcoming Hyperdub
Terror Danjah – Acid – Forthcoming Hyperdub
Rustie – Keesha Resmack – Free download
Reverse Engineering – Instant Art – Forthcoming Jarring Effects
Ernest Gonzales – Untitled Love Song – Forthcoming Friends of Friends
Ichiro_ – 66 – Eklektik records
Nocando – Hurry Up and Wait – Alpha Pup records
Freeway – Know What I Mean – Rhymesayers, free download
Greymatter – Mind Over Matter – Forthcoming Greymatter Beats
Bullion – Say Goodbye to What – One Handed Music
Jose James – Promise In Love – Forthcoming Brownswood Recordings

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