DDay One – In Session no.8 ‘Think and Grow Rich’

We return to Los Angeles for the first show of the year hosted by our man DDay One. In fine style he’s bringing you fresh sounds arranged around a theme taken from a best-selling book by Napoleon Hill. I’ll let him explain it all…

This session is along the lines of the Blend Meditation mixes in that the music was specifically chosen to create an atmosphere that motivates the listener.

This time it’s a tribute to the Great Depression era bestselling book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Blended in between classic breaks, atmospheric pulses and world premieres are brief descriptions of the principles of the text, taken from an LP of the same title narrated by Earl Nightingale (circa 1956).

The 13 Principles of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill:
Desire, Faith, Auto Suggestion, Specialized knowledge, Imagination, Organized Planning, Decision, Persistence, Enthusiasm, Power of the Master Mind Group, The Brain, Subconscious Mind, The Sixth Sense

Shouts to the artists featured! Sit back and enjoy!

Dday One

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Download DDay One In Session No. 8 (right click and save as)

1. The Q4 – Look Again (Dday One Remix) – (www.myspace.com/ddayone)
2. Dj Kompack – Seven Eight – (www.myspace.com/kompact)
3. Joe Kickass – Joe Goes Africa – (www.projectmooncircle.com/)
4. Dark Party – Active – (www.myspace.com/drkprty)
5. Sade – Soldier Of Love –( www.sade.com/)
6. Blackalicious – Changes – ( www.blackalicious.com)
Jon of Trueradio Speaks (Live at Breaking Atoms)
7. Robot Koch – Blind feat Grace – (www.projectmooncircle.com/)
8. Equal Beats – Helsinki Go (bang bang) – (www.myspace.com/equalbeats)
9. Om Unit – Lightgrids – (www.myspace.com/omunit)
10. Bonobo – The Keeper – (www.bonobomusic.com/)
11. Mike Slott – Snow Birds – (www.myspace.com/mikeslottbeat)
12. Fat Jon & Sonic Brown- In Between Loves ( www.fivedeez.com/)
13. RJD2 – Space ship now – (rjselectricalconnections.com)
14. Dextah – All I have is Salvation (ww.myspace.com/dextah) ***(World Premier)***
15. Blockhead – It’s Raining Clouds (www.myspace.com/theblockishot)
16. Lyrics Born – Oh Baby – (www.lyricsborn.com/)
17. Nocando – Hurry up and Wait- (www.myspace.com/nocando)
18. Riow Arai – Beat Cast Yourself – ( www.riowarai.com/)
19. Olde Soul & Blak King – The Pot – www.myspace.com/contentlabel ***(World Premier)***
20. Savages & Unifairfly – Blow up Your Box (Demo) (www.myspace.com/unifairfly)
21. Amon Tobin – Meet the Reapers (www.amontobin.com/)
22. Glen Porter – On up 1 (www.glenporter.org) ***(World Premier)***
23. Dday One – Terminal 86 (myspace.com/ddayone)
24. Saukrates – Father Time (www.myspace.com/saukrates)
25. 2econd Class Citizen – A World Without (www.myspace.com/2econdclasscitizen)
26. The Qemists Ft Wiley – Dem Na like Me (www.myspace.com/qemists)
27. People under the Stairs – DQMOT (www.putsonline.co.uk)

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