Deekline & Wizard – Luv 4 Music (1000names remix)

If you’re a regular listener you’ll have noticed that as part of our 2010 Watchlist on the January show we featured a new label based in Belgrade, Serbia called Svetlana Industries. Well the lovely people behind the label are now officially launching it with a present in the form of two previously unavailable remixes of Deekline & Wizard by 1000names and Filtercutter, two of the artists on the label’s roster. See below for links to download/stream audio.

The story behind how Svetlana came to be isn’t your average story… or so it would seem:

Svetlana comes from somewhere far away.

She successfully navigated the cross-dimensional transition into this galaxy, docked and began her work.

She began by assembling a local team to implement her scheme. Then, unaware of the existence of the concept of borders, races, peoples and nations, probes were extended into the global neural network and the job began of explaining the grand purpose and direction to the members of humanity whose consciousness seemed to be approaching levels sufficient for trans-galactic communication.

2010 sees the start of the next stage in Svetlana’s terrestrial plan: disseminating the music on vinyl records. Vinyl is actually a medium known for its resistance to the rigours of space travel and therefore highly appropriate to her project. A record floating in the inky void can survive for millennia and is regularly exchangeable for food or oxygen when needed.

Who is she? Why is she here? These things are still unclear.

On a more serious note, one of the nicest things about the label for me is its internationalism – based in Belgrade, artists across Europe, designer in Sweden, visual artist in NYC. It’s a truly global affair that makes use of the internet to help connect the dots, people and love of music.

As for the previously mentioned freebie you can grab FLAC versions on their bandcamp page, or alternatively download 192 mp3s from their soundcloud. We’ve also included the 1000names remix at the bottom of this post where it can be downloaded and/or streamed.

Look out for much more from them this year including an excellent EP from Teebs & Jackhigh called ‘Tropics’ (which we featured on the January show), a 12″ from Filtercutter, which I think is already out and releases from 8Bitch and other upcoming producers.

In the meantime enjoy their welcoming present.

Download Luv 4 Music (1000names remix) (right click and save as)

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