SE2 week 3 – XLII & Dolbee live @ Star Pines cafe

Week 3 of our joint Rhythm Incursions and Turntable Radio special featuring exclusive live audio from Ken One’s ‘Skratch Evolution 2’ event. If you’ve missed the first couple of weeks you can catch up here for week 1 featuring Ichiro_ and here for week 2 featuring DJ Duct.

This week we have edits from live sets by XLII, Audace and Dyna alongside Dolbee and Sibitt. Over on Turntable Radio we’ve got an amazing half hour jam session featuring Ken One, Ichiro_, Naoki, XLII, Keita, Audace and Duct. Full schedule of the month-long series at the bottom of this post.

As mentioned this week’s SE2 Rhythm Inc show features edits from two of the live sets from the show.

First up is DJ Dolbee feat Sibitt on vocals. Dolbee is a rather long-standing member of the Tokyo hip hop underground, becoming a DJ and producer following a stint on the US West Coast in the mid 90s. Since then he’s produced for a range of underground Tokyo labels, including Lo-Fi Recordings and TempleADS, with the majority of his releases garnering popularity and interest in his homeland but rarely seeing light outside of Japan, like happens to many of the city’s most interesting producers.

This set features some rather unique sounding productions, on a very mellow and laid back tip and with a distinct Japanese edge to them. Complimenting the music are vocals by Sibitt, who adds yet more of a Japanese edge to the music with a mix of sung and spoken lyrics that compliment the music perfectly.

The second half of this week’s show features the international talents of XLII, Audace and Dyna a trio of Tokyo-based artists who come from Japan (Dyna), France (Audace) and Ukraine via the UK (XLII). XLII and Audace have both featured on the show before, most recently for the release of XLII’s new album and Audace’s new project Musou Productions. Having had the pleasure to meet them and become friends while I was living in Tokyo in ’07, it’s been nice to follow their output and growth. The trio often play together, with Audace adding cuts and elements to XLII’s beats, while he tweaks his productions live and shares mic duties with Dyna. Edits from their SE2 set show this nicely as well as their cohesiveness. As XLII put it to me in the past, it’s his way of trying to make the live shows more entertaining than your usual rapper and DJ or rapper and producer, and I think it shows nicely in the audio.

XLII’s recent album, Ego Friendly, is out now on Fubar Recs/Raid System with worldwide distro so finding a copy shouldn’t be too difficult. Audace’s Musou Productions debut EP, Daydreaming, is also still available – check the label site for more. Both come heavily recommended.

Dolbee and Sibitt have a new DVD called ‘Animation’ out now on TempleADS.

Get stuck into these two rather interesting live shows with a stream or direct download below. And don’t forget to also check Turntable Radio for a jam session from Skratch Evolution 2 with all the artists we’ve featured so far. Not to be missed. We’ll be back next week for the last installment in the series.

Download Skratch Evolution 2 live edits (right click and save as)

SE2 special line up:

  • Week 1
    • Rhythm Incursions – Ichiro_ live
    • Turntable Radio – Ken One live
  • Week 2
    • Rhythm Incursions – DJ Duct live
    • Turntable Radio – Naoki live
  • Week 3
    • Rhythm Incursions – XLII + Dolbee&Sibitt (志人) live edits
    • Turntable Radio – Skratch Evolution jam session
  • Week 4
    • Rhythm Incursions – Ken One Skratch Evolution promo mix
    • Turntable Radio – DJ Duct Skratch Evolution promo mix

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