SE2 week 4 – Ken One Skratch Evolution mix

We finish our Skratch Evolution 2 special with two mixes from the official CD that Ken One released ahead of the show. Ken One takes the control here on Rhythm Inc while over on Turntable Radio it’s DJ Duct doing the honours. The SE2 special has been a month-long series of mixes and exclusive live audio from the event podcasted jointly between Rhythm Incursions and Turntable Radio. Catch up on all the Rhythm Inc episodes here which have featured Ichiro_, DJ Duct, XLII and Dolbee.

Ken One is in charge of the first Skratch Evolution mix showcasing a rather tasty and eclectic selection of tracks alongside some of his trademark routines. Regular listeners of Turntable Radio will be no stranger to the man, though for the Rhythm Inc listeners that may not be familiar with him suffice to say that Ken is one of Tokyo’s best scratch DJs, having been holding it down on the underground for near enough a decade now. You can find out more about him and his releases over on his myspace and I also recommend checking out the TTR archives for more mixes and audio from him we’ve featured over the last couple of years.

When I was living in Tokyo, Ken was largely responsible for hooking me up with a host of people and making it possible to do some of the most enjoyable live sessions I’ve recorded. So it’s a pleasure to be able to return the favour and showcase the good work he’s done with his Skratch Evolution event. The live sets we’ve aired over the last 3 weeks are a truly unique look at parts of the Tokyo musical underground that most people never get to hear.

So without further ado get stuck into half an hour of fine music chopped and mixed by Ken One. And don’t forget to check Turntable Radio for the rest of the audio from this special. Once more massive thanks and shout to Ken as well as all the artists for their support. Look out for more joint specials in the future.

Download Ken One Skratch Evolution mix (right click and save as)

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