Primus Luta Presents: The Vanguard vol. 1

As announced recently on our twitter feed we’re starting a new series of exclusive mixes over the next three weeks courtesy of Primus Luta, a US based artist we first hooked up with and aired on Rhythm Inc last year thanks to twitter (social networks aren’t all time wasting as some would have you believe). In April 09 he dropped ‘Beat Construction’ for us, a mix of productions from 79 to 99 that he felt helped usher and form the current wave of modern productions.

He returns to Rhythm Inc with The Vanguard – a series of mixes that span four volumes and set to explore the ramifications of the aforementioned current wave of modern music productions that have broken down genre, geographical and technological barriers. The first three volumes will be aired on Rhythm Inc weekly starting today, while the fourth one will be hosted by our good friends over at Percussion Lab. Following this on March 19 Primus Luta will drop the first single and online installation of his Heads Project.

Alongside each mix you also have a visual accompaniment in the form of an embed (see below) that gives you the tracklist for the mix in real time alongside additional information on the artists and tracks being played.

I won’t give away too much, so instead will let Primus Luta do the talking:

To borrow from Me’Shell NdegéOcello, this is an anthroplogical mix, compiled at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. The goal was to capture the changing sound of music. A change that draws no lines of division. It is bound to no genre, no social group, global not regional. In a constant state of flux, it will only continue to evolve and grow. All of these mixes were done live using the custom application scrtch developed in Plogue Bidule for the Monome and Stribe Duo.

There are some who are threatened by this type of change. They wish to deny it, holding to the comfort zones of the past. Then there are the others. The Vanguard. Those who see the potential and thrive.

This series brings together over 125 artists, each in their own way charting a path on this new musical frontier. Listen carefully and take notes because indeed, this is the sound of tomorrow, today.

So without further ado, prepare for a real sonic ride in the finest Rhythm Inc tradition too, spanning genres and styles.

You can download the mix below and/or stream it using the custom-made embed which as mentioned will also give you the tracklist and additional info for the music as it happens. And stay tuned for volumes 2 and 3 dropping in the next weeks. Massive shouts to Primus Luta for this.

Download Primus Luta Presents: The Vanguard volume 1 (right click and save as)

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