Tranqill x Free The Robots x Take x Matthewdavid

I got rather swamped in quality freebies in the last 24 hours, leading me to do the only logical thing – combine them all into one easy to digest summary. From London to L.A via Dublin welcome into your life fresh new, and free, music from 4 rather talented artists and 3 rather dope labels.

First up is London’s Tranqill, whose ‘Hidden Treasures’ EP has been a very long time coming and will finally see the light of day in a few weeks thanks to the always on point One Handed Music label. The first single if you will from the EP is Deadly Wintaz a video for which you can view above before heading over to his bandcamp to download the track for free and the whole EP for £2. Yes you read that correctly – £2 buys you what is quite possibly the nicest ‘uk hip hop’ release in a while (and we used that tag likely, but you all know what we mean).

As OHM put it:

Tranqill makes the kind of raw, spontaneous, thrilling rap music that made us fall in love with those classic Wu-Tang records.

We couldn’t agree more. I can’t remember the last time I was this hyped about a rap release from London. Check the bandcamp preview below for more.
<a href="">Chips &amp; Cheese by Tranqill</a>

Next up is L.A’s Alpha Pup who are about to release the also long-awaited debut album from Free The Robots. It drops end of March but in the meantime the label has kindly given a track for free to download via their newly relaunched website. We got the album last night and am very excited to give it a proper listen – expect some previews in our March show for sure and more good things from Free The Robots, one of the many L.A producers who hasn’t really yet ‘blown’ up if you will despite some already stand-out productions and work for labels like Equinox in Europe.

Download Free The Robot’s ‘Orion’s Belt Buckle’ and be sure to check the newly relaunched Alpha Pup site and go cop their recent Nocando album – first essential rap album of the year for me.

Last up is Dublin’s All City Records who are about to drop the second of their 10×10 series, which we already mentioned last month. The second in this series of 10″ records from L.A based producers teams up Matthewdavid with Take aka Sweatson Klank, a favourite of ours and someone we’ve had the chance to meet and hang with last summer which was a real eye-opener as far as learning about the history of the beat scene in L.A and its progression through the last decade.

Splitting this 10″ the guys do an amazing work further showing the versatility of the current L.A underground. We’re very happy to be able to give you a taste in the form of two tracks, one from each artist. See below for stream and download links.

Look out for more from All City including a Musinah 7″ with production by Flying Lotus and 00 Genesis.

For now though get stuck into all this free goodness and be sure to go and support the artists and labels if you like what you hear. Look out for more previews from all these guys in the March show. Much thanks and love to the labels and artists.

Download Take – Soul Particles (right click and save as)
Download Matthewdavid – Know You’re Not Alone (right click and save as)

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