Primus Luta Presents: The Vanguard vol. 3

We finish our series of exclusive mixes from Primus Luta with volume 3 of The Vanguard. As explained in the original post The Vanguard is a four-volume deep series of mixes whereby Primus Luta explores the ramifications and evolution of modern electronic and hip hop productions and how boundaries have been blurred – geographically, stylistically and genre-wise too.

The final part of the mix will be aired by our good friends at Percussion Lab next week. Following this, on March 19th, Primus Luta will be launching his Heads Project.

Here’s some words on the project from Primus himself:

To borrow from Me’Shell NdegéOcello, this is an anthroplogical mix, compiled at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. The goal was to capture the changing sound of music. A change that draws no lines of division. It is bound to no genre, no social group, global not regional. In a constant state of flux, it will only continue to evolve and grow.

There are some who are threatened by this type of change. They wish to deny it, holding to the comfort zones of the past. Then there are the others. The Vanguard. Those who see the potential and thrive.

This series brings together over 125 artists, each in their own way charting a path on this new musical frontier. Listen carefully and take notes because indeed, this is the sound of tomorrow, today.

Each mix is accompanied by a visual interface in the form of an embed (see below) that displays the tracklist as you listen to it and includes interactive information and links on the artists and songs playing.

Many thanks go to Primus Luta for letting us feature these awesome mixes on the site and we hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we have. Be sure to check the final chapter and then go and peep his Heads Project. Expect to hear more from him on these pages in the future.

For now though, sit back and crank it up. Volume 3 of the sound of tomorrow, today begins here.

Download Primus Luta Presents: The Vanguard volume 3 (right click and save as)

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