Jammer – Better Than (Lorn remix)

Anyone who listens to the shows regularly or has been following us for a while now should know Lorn. Our story with the Milwaukee native goes waaaaaay back to the scratch internet boards days when he was making some of the most amazing, mind-bending loops for people to cut over. A few years ago he started reappearing on the radar with his own productions, and in 2009 his first proper debut album was snapped up by Brainfeeder for release (if you don’t count the extensive amount of music he’s put out for free before that, or the break record he released).

All of which only added to the surprise I got a few weeks back when Big Dada hit me up to say that Lorn had remixed the new Jammer single that the label will be releasing next week. Yes that’s right – Lorn from Milwaukee remixing Jammer, the grime legend from London. It doesn’t get better than this, literally.

‘Better Than’ is out March 15 on Big Dada, with original, instrumental and aforementioned Lorn remix which you can download/stream below courtesy of the lovely Dada people. Described as a dubstep remix elsewhere, I can see why people would say that, though personally Lorn’s take doesn’t particularly make me think of any specific genre, it’s just an incredibly heavy, crushing flip of the original, taking Jammer’s vocals into the territories Lorn is most comfortable in – dark, vicious territories with towering drums and bass lines.

If you want more from the man be sure to check his myspace, as well as the mini feature we did on him last year. And stay tuned for more previews of his album, ‘Nothing Else’ which will drop on Brainfeeder in June 2010. For now though enjoy this beauty of a remix.

Download Jammer – Better Than (Lorn remix) (right click and save as)

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