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We’re a little late on this but following on from his four-part The Vanguard series of interactive mixes, Primus Luta has launched his Heads Project, starting with the first single ‘Come Clean’. You can still download and stream parts 1 to 3 of The Vanguard on our site (click here) and catch part four over at our good friends’ Percussion Lab.

Where The Vanguard explored the changing sound of music and its mutations over the last decade or so, Heads delves in even further. ‘Come Clean’ kicks it off, recontextualising the DJ Premier and Jeru classic via the jazz head format. More info from Primus Luta:

“Come Clean” is the song that first brought together the various concepts being explored under the name Heads. It began with an idea to recontextualize a sample-based hip-hop song into the jazz head format, flipping the sample back in on itself. Through the analysis of the source, the hip-hop song using the sample and a Heads version of the song, it was hypothesized that the results would illustrate how each continues the artistic conversation, while maintaining their own musical uniqueness.

I pondered the idea conceptually for a while but drew a blank as to what song to use as the subject for this experiment. Then while walking through the forest one day, listening to Jeru the Damaja’s The Sun Rises in the East album, I came to a section of forest that had been recently clear cut. Clear cutting is a practice in which whole sections of forest are logged for timber. Walking through the ripped up earth with limbs and roots sticking lifelessly out of the ground, something clicked between the landscape and the haunting sample backed by DJ Premier’s hard hitting drums.

I found myself inspired to somehow bring the two worlds together. My feet, which had walked the same streets as Jeru and Premier, felt a resonance as they hiked through the lost forest, struggling to cope in a world moving faster than life itself. The phrase “Come Clean” took on a new meaning; I had my inspiration.

To find out more head over to the Come Clean mini site and follow his inspiration. Each track on the Heads album, of which Come Clean is the first single, includes an interactive multimedia installation – for this one the installation explores the idea of sample based productions as original compositions, looking at the original sample and its mutations and giving the listener an in-depth commentary on the work, both original and reimagined, and Primus Luta’s theories around sampling as a compositional tool.

As with The Vanguard, the Heads project is a serious piece of work that can take a little while to wrap your head around but rewards you in not just the music but also the information, theory and discussion that accompanies it, in its various media formats. Which is even more reason for the work to be applauded and supported.

You can preview the Come Clean single in the player above before heading over to the bandcamp site to download it (it’s free).

On April 9, 2010 Primus Luta will be sitting on a panel with Hank Shocklee (Public Enemy), William Paltry (Google’s Senior Copyright Counsel), Philo T. Farnsworth (Founder of Illegal Art) and others for the REPLAY Symposium on Sound Sampling organized by Syracuse University. For the symposium, Primus Luta will be giving a live production presentation which will showcase some of his own sample theory.

And look out for more from the Heads project in the coming months.

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