Raid System special pt.1 – Broken Haze

Following our Skratch Evolution special at the beginning of the year (catch up with that here if you missed it) we start a new series of guest mixes from Japan, this time looking at a recently set up label and artist collective called Raid System.

I first caught wind of it last year while I was helping XLII with his bio and other bits in the run-up to the release of his LP, jointly put out by his own label, Fubar Recs, and Raid System. It’s at that point that I also came across Keisuke Ito aka Broken Haze, the man behind the label. One thing leading to another we all got chatting and following the SE2 special earlier this year I was keen to do some more features on the ever buzzing Japanese underground scenes which is how XLII and I came up with the idea to do a series of guest mixes with Raid System artists.

This series includes three mixes for now (but a fourth one is TBC very shortly) featuring Broken Haze, XLII and Ken One, a long time friend of ours and the most recent signee to the label/collective. These will be going out weekly starting today.

First up is Broken Haze, fitting as he’s the label head really. While he’s only been releasing music officially for a few years, he has managed to create his own unique blend of electro and future hip hop and made a name for himself in Japan in a relatively short time as not just a producer to watch out for but also a live performer worth catching. Filled with cut up melodies, chopped up drums, digital glitches, dark moods and at times quite heavy and industrial, his music echoes with the likes of The Glitch Mob, Prefuse 73 or Clark. His debut album was released in April 2008, entitled ‘Raid System’. He also forms half of Nerdz Era, a Japanese duo that makes full on, dancefloor friendly electro.

For this guest mix he’s chosen to showcase his own work and that of his friends, a perfect snapshot of his sound and a mix that deserves big speakers and a big sound for the full effect. Be sure to check his myspace and the Raid System site for more on him. He’s also got a track forthcoming on Jus Like Music‘s ‘Oscillations’ compilation. And if you like what you hear tune into the monthly Raid System Radio sessions, broadcasted on Ustream live from the legendary Jar Beat Records shop in Kichi Jyoji.

You can buy Broken Haze’s debut album on iTunes as well, click here (iTunes link).

Stay tuned for the rest of the series including guest mixes from XLII and Ken One. Next up is XLII.

Download Broken Haze – Raid System special pt 1 (right click and save as)

Intro. upon the 49th day / Ernest Gonzales
01. broken haze / block
02. mimosa / dead like me
03. la roux / bullet proof(broken haze remix)
04. joker & rustie / play doe
05. starkey / 11th hr
06. reso / armored core
07. slugabed / skyfire
08. matty g / west coast rocks (the glitch mob remix)
09. broken haze / velvet feat. buddy leezle
10. xlii / euphoric states (broken haze remix)
11. broken haze / boom it feat. LMNO
12. broken haze / reality feat. buddy leezle
13. slugabed / the system
14. broken haze / code
15. kraddy / android porn (mochipet remix)
16. b.bravo / midnite (broken haze remix)
17. broken haze / untitled

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