Himuro Yoshiteru – Gimme Your 30 Minutes

I first came across Himuro Yoshiteru via Soundcloud sometime last year. I really liked what I heard and started following him before asking if he’d like to do a guest mix for the show. It’s at that point that I realised he was actually a fairly well-established electronic producer in the Tokyo underground, having been releasing music for over ten years now.

His output has been steady in that time, with 2 albums and a string of remixes and singles, and he’s releasing his third album, ‘Where Does Sound Come From?’ in March this year on the Japanese label Murder Channel. This guest mix for us is in celebration of this release which will be out by the time you read this. Actual copies of this mix will be available with the first batch of album CDs in Japan.

Here’s some more info on the man himself:

Himuro Yoshiteru has a remarkable ability to sculpt sweet melodies and weave them into intricate beats. He’s based in Tokyo and has had a number of releases on labels such as File Records(JP), Couchblip(AUS), Zod Records(US),Invitro(FR) and his own label TaNGRaM DiSK. His releases are mostly within the electronic music genres of drum and bass, electronica, hip hop, and IDM, with a significant jazz influence. His style is often described in the media as very playful. It is comprised of finely chopped, fast rhythms in combination with jazzy bass and bleepy synthesizer lines and 8bit sounds (like video game music). In this area he is one of the prominent Japanese musicians of this time.

As indicated by the bio above, his music has a strong electronic slant, delving deep into various styles with surprising ease and an easily recognisable Japanese flavour. It’s this same distinct Japanese flavour that makes a lot of the underground electronic and dance music I’ve come across in Japan in recent years more exciting than a lot of what comes out of the West. And this also stands for the hip hop I discovered out there. It really boils down to what I see as a typically Japanese interpretation of the standards and templates formulated in the West, an interpretation that makes these standards and templates sound a lot fresher by approaching them from a totally different angle, both sonically and stylistically.

His new album manages to combine and cover a lot of ground over a short space without feeling too forced. It is a very intense ride at times though, but rewarding when you get to the other side. From cut up to glitched out riddims, junglist workouts to breakcore assaults, ‘Where Does Sound Come From’ isn’t your average release but then again the man who made it doesn’t strike me as your average producer.

This mix, ‘Gimme Your 30 Minutes’, is a perfect example of this featuring all his own productions mixed rapidly and blended into one another for a 30 minute ride of electronic eclecticism that will leave you feeling a little dizzy. It’s well worth it though.

As we said above the new album is out now, and can be purchased directly right here (some Japanese required) or via the Murder Channel myspace page. It features some rather amazing artwork by LOWORKS as well. You can find more music and previous releases by Himuro on his myspace, including a couple of EPs available via bandcamp. You can also hear tracks from the album in recent shows, check the archive.

For now though strap up and enjoy the ride, 30 minutes of electronic maddizms from the streets of Tokyo.

Download Himuro Yoshiteru – Gimme Your 30 Minutes (right click and save as)

Stupid party
Beginner’s luck
Pay for what?
Enjoy alone
Strings thing
Do what you must do
Action script
Unwind and rewind
In one day #3
Sort of DnB
Bold lines
Changing mind
Xylophone rush
Welcome myself
1 to 7

All tracks written, additional produced and remixed by Himuro Yoshiteru

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