Raid System special pt.2 – XLII

We roll on with our new series of guest mixes from Japanese label and collective Raid System. Following last week’s firing shot with Broken Haze (catch it here if you haven’t yet) we continue with XLII (pronounced schlee), a Tokyo-based European expatriate whose music we’ve featured in previous shows and who was also part of the Skratch Evolution special earlier this year.

As I mentioned previously, XLII is a Ukrainian-born producer, MC and engineer extraordinaire (man has golden ears trust us) currently living in Tokyo after a stint in the UK. In the time he’s spent in Japan he’s settled himself in the Tokyo underground releasing on his own label and elsewhere as well as engineering and gigging left, right and center. We first hooked up via some mutual friends when I was living in Tokyo in 07/08 and it was actually XLII who introduced me to Raid System after they picked up his last album for release alongside his own Fubar label. XLII has definitely been instrumental in helping our continuous links with the Tokyo underground since I left, so it’s nice to be able to have him on the show for a proper guest spot.

Here’s what he had to say on the mix and Raid System:

I am the lighter & rougher bastard of the bunch, so I probably bring you the lighter and rougher mix in this 3 part Raid System series. Lighter in a way that I’d play anything so long as it kicks & bumps & makes me drool (or laugh or giggle… Think Flo Rida or the mental Run DMC orchestra stab twitchout), rougher in a way that I’m not into long arse dragged out DJ transitions. So my mix style is: “Now you see it, now you… WTF?!” So, in the immortal words of Cheech (from Cheech & Chong): “We play everything from Santana to El Chicano, man.”

Which is a pretty accurate description. Whereas his first guest appearance was for his live show, for this one XLII has cooked up an exclusive mix of his own beats alongside stuff from people he’s picked up on tour and other favourites, all mixed and mashed up live in Ableton. It gets crazy, but in a good way.

XLII’s latest album, ‘Ego Friendly’, is out now on Raid System and Fubar Recordings and we definitely recommend you get a copy if you haven’t yet. It’s available worldwide via digital release. Check the promo video below and the website for details of where and how to buy it. You can also buy the album directly from iTunes right here (iTunes link).

But for now though sit back and enjoy a 30 minute ride into the mind of a true world citizen and talented producer. And stay tuned for part 3 of the Raid System special dropping next week!

Download XLII – Raid System special pt 2 (right click and save as)

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