Vaiper & Serumas – Cafeteria’s Revenge

After a few months’ plotting we’re very happy to unveil the first part of a special joint show with the mighty Mondayjazz from Lithuania. The Mondayjazz collective have been doing their things for quite a few years now, broadcasting every monday from their Lithuanian headquarters to the worldwide web world, giving the working masses a soothing weekly mix from DJs and producers worldwide. Their whole approach and ethos is very much in line with what we’ve been doing here at Rhythm Inc and past Mondayjazz-ers have included Rhythm Incursions members Waxfactor and Dday One as well as extended family such as Joey Beats and Buddy Peace.

All of which made it all the more logical for us to cook up a little something to bring our audiences a little closer and extend our worldwide roots. So we’re very happy to bring you 2 shows curated by our respective collectives. The first comes from Mondayjazz themselves and features two of Lithuania’s finest talents: Vaiper and Serumas aka Cafeteria. The second will be curated by us and feature the out there electronic hip hop sounds of Japanese producer ASA, best known as the owner of Jar Beat records in Tokyo.

Vaiper and Serumas come at you with a seriously mindbending 50 minute ride into their musical consciousness, which left me wanting more the first time I bumped it. Here’s some words from Mondayjazz explaining just what it’s all about:

Mondayjazz proudly presents joint a showcase with partners in crime Rhythm Incursions under the code name Cafeteria: Revenge! What makes us even more proud, is that it belongs to national scene veterans Vaiper and Serumas and, as says Vaiper himself, is “All Sampled, Chopped, Screwed, Beated, Played, Robbed, Refreshed, Remaked, Detoned, Formed, Grooved, Smashed, Funked, Hipped, Struggled, Stuffed, Spaced, Birthed, Mooded, Jazzed, Grilled, Cooked by CAFETERIA Team somewhere in Lithuania.”

Let’s drop some jazzy samples, a couple of itchy melodies, a beat over there and a hallucinogenic drop over there, additionally pour some mutant genre in (eg. bastardized dancehall) and place screwed MC Liezhuvis on top of it and you’ll be starting to dig into the essence of this cocktail, suitable for intellectual, emotional or bodily consumption. And don’t forget to serve it, depending on your taste, together with some remixes or re-thinks.

A Revenge, that takes on wider trip than contains his nearly 50 minutes.

So now that you’re ready for a trip into the minds of Cafeteria I’ll leave you to enjoy the sounds of Mondayjazz and Rhythm Incursions together on this (hopefully) fine Monday morning. Be sure to check the MJ website if you haven’t yet for an extensive archive of amazing mixes as well as more on their parties and other activities. For more on Vaiper and Serumas check their respective myspace. And stay tuned for part 2 which will drop June 7th.

Much love and thanks to the MJ family as well as Vaiper and Serumas for this excellent mix. Now sit back and crank up the volume.

Download Vaisper & Serumas – Cafeteria Revenge (right click and save as)

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