[MP3] Teebs & Jackhigh – Tropics remixes

<a href="http://shop.svetlanaindustries.com/album/fret002-the-tropics-remixed">Comes To Mind (Josip Klobučar Remix) by Svetlana Industries</a>

The good people at Svetlana Industries have just released some free remixes for their latest EP on Bandcamp. The remixes cover two tracks from the rather excellent Teebs & Jackhigh ‘Tropics’ EP which dropped earlier this month. Regular listeners will remember we featured the release and the label in our ‘Ten to watch in 2010’ feature in our January show earlier this year.

For the occasion they’ve roped in some Eastern European talents, first Josip Klobucar who has released on Eklektik in the past and been on our radar for a while since we came across his beat tapes last year. And then they have Auditory Ossicles, a band from Bulgaria who we’ve never heard of before but we will definitely be checking more from them.

The EP is out now and available to buy from their Bandcamp page here. A limited edition with hand painted covers from Teebs has now sold out.

You can grab the free remixes via the Bandcamp embed above or directly here. Look out for more from the label in coming months.

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