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Our latest guest mix (and the 4th one this month already!) comes from London based Throwing Snow, someone you may not yet be familiar with but with whom you’ll want to get acquainted real soon. Trust us. As has happened a lot in the last couple of years the hook up came from Twitter and Four Square. Even stranger (or is it normal?) I actually first met Throwing Snow while in Plan B, Brixton, for a FaltyDL gig. I’d Four Square-d (can you even say that?) my location and as I stood there someone walked up to me and showed me my twitter profile on their iPhone before introducing themselves as Throwing Snow. Who said technology and the internet have to be impersonal eh? Big shouts to Orsii for being the connecting link between our tweets and Four Square sharing.

Following this unusual meet we kept bumping into each other at various events and got talking, especially after I’d given his Soundcloud a close listen – suffice to say I was really into what he was doing and curious that no one else had given him more shine, as I really felt the tracks deserved it. So it was only logical to hit him up and ask for a guest mix. A month or so later it’s ready for your consumption, following a computer crash and the need to pull out some unreleased tracks which he couldn’t get the ok for yet. Still it’s an hour of total musical bliss, taking in some serious ground in the process from God Speed Black Emperor to Martyn via his own productions. He joked at me that giving him free reigns for a guest mix may be a mistake, but I think this proves my firm belief that if you give someone free reigns often the results will be better than you could ever expect. This mix most definitely fits our ethos of discerning music for discerning ears to a T.

Here’s some words from the man and if you want some more background info, well do your homework as they say. We’ll just tell you that he works as head of digital and licensing for Lightsong music, co-runs a label with Will Plowman (someone else we’ve been keenly listening to on Soundcloud) and has a release coming out soon that will no doubt be big, it goes by the name ‘Un Vingt’ b/w ‘Chronos’. Stay tuned for more on that.

This mix is meant to ease you in and out, confound and con-fuddle, wake you up and send you to sleep. Showcasing a few of my favourite tunes at the moment: things that have influenced me, some from friends and some just straight classics. I wanted a bit of eclecticism on top of a few tracks from A Future Without, the label run by myself and Will Plowman, and a smattering of my own tunes and collaborations.
*Disclaimer: this mix contains folk music and music by Throwing Snow*

For more on the man hit up his website and check his label’s site too And be sure to hit up his Soundcloud for more from him, trust us it’ll be time well spent. Also look out for previews from the man in our May show.

That’s it for now though, I’ll leave you in the very capable hands of Throwing Snow for an eclectic hour-long musical ride. Download and stream links/players below as well as a very thorough tracklist with notes. Perfect for that Friday morning feeling.

Download Throwing Snow Rhythm Incursions guest mix (right click and save as)

God Speed! You Black Emperpor // Moya (Part 1)
This track is best appreciated on a long train journey while looking out the window, with an imaginary post apocalyptic scene running in your head.
Manu Delago // Hang Solo
I first heard the ‘hang on a holiday to Barcelona with my ex, played behind a church by someone wearing chain-mail gloves. Since then I’ve loved it’s sound, and there is no better exponent of the instrument than Manu Delago. A Future Without is releasing a track of his on a forth coming compilation.
Baba Yaga // Circe (A Future Without)
Next up are Bristol boys, Kahn and Vessel, with their collaboration under the name Baba Yaga. This is a bewitching tune that is only the start for what will be a bright future. Should be out on A Future Without in the near future.
Dave Brubeck Quartet // Take Five
Simply the most perfectly constructed piece of music you will ever hear. Stand out track from the best year in jazz, 1959 and one of my top ten, without a doubt.
Throwing Snow // Un Vingt (Ho Tep)
New 12″ by me coming out on Alex Nut’s new imprint, Ho Tep, very soon. Featured by Subeena on her Fact Mix and by Benji B on his BBC show. Cross fingers people will like it!
TRG // Broken Heart (Martyn Remix)
Moving in to a few classics and perfect track in every way to kick it off. I remember listening to this on repeat.
Zomby // The Lie
Such a tune, probably the definition of swagger haha
Joy Orbison // Hyph Mngo (tease)
Mr Orbison is all over it at the moment and never fails to hit the mark. Unwittingly sucked in to a new genre by the recent ‘Joystep’ incident. Just a tease, as no one wants to overplay a beauty.
Throwing Snow // Cronos (Ho Tep)
The flip side to Un Vingt coming out on Ho Tep. Lightspeed travel while stumbling backwards on a conveyer belt.
The XX // Crystalise (Dark Sky Remix)
Massive, massive tune from good friends Dark Sky. Deservedly, a hot tip for this year, after their debut on Black Acre. We are both releasing EPs on the new London label, Pictures. There will be some stem swapping as soon as I get my act together.
Simian Mobile Disco feat Beth Ditto // Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
Bristol connection for me and a dancefloor destroyer.
2562 // Morvern
Huge delayed stabs in to what seems like a cave, another sure fire classic.
Kahn // Stalker
Watch out for this lad, I don’t quite understand why he isn’t already everywhere. Huge talent and A Future Without are lucky enough to have a truly stunning EP from him coming soon (remember the track name, Altar). This will destroy your function.
God Speed! You Black Emperpor // Moya (Part 2)
Slow motion zombie chase ending in an unlifting, blood bathed crescendo.
Petter Worland // Tibeat (A Future Without)
Enter the onset of insanity. Petter Worland’s mind is to marveled at, madness contained. The first in a mini showcase of a few of the different faces of AFW
Memotone // Half Remembered (A Future Without)
Multi instrumentalist and true gent, Will Yates, is another undeniable talent. Well known for his live performances in forests (to be found on youtube) and his, what can only be described as, bizarre fans and their response videos. His dad is also a childhood fishing legend of mine, Chris Yates… the genes is good blud.
Qman1 // Mission (A Future Without)
Prolific producer harking from the USA. Some of the most raw and forward looking sounds out there. You will hear his name again.
Zhou // Marsh (A Future Without)
Waaaahhhh Bristol boys and sub lovers, Zhou, are the epitome of laid back. Fresh to AFW with vinyl on it’s way. I cannot express how much I love the string line when it drops, it pulls my heart from my chest.
Moabi // Going West (A Future Without)
AFW’s heavy weight French connection, Moabi, crisps up and drops a dentist chair bassline. Check out his music videos online for imagery to match.
Somnambulist // Misanthropy (A Future Without)
Sit back and settle in to an armchair, maybe with a pipe. Seriously, seriously good. EP will be out for the AFW relaunch.
Daniel Dixon // Falling Asleep (A Future Without)
Some how it reminds me of Kilhope Wheel in Weardale, back home. Lethargic and melancholic folkestry (or some other equally fitting journalistic phrase).
Chewy Benson feat Non Generic // Under The Shadow of the Rose Moon (A Future Without)
Awake in a Tim Burton film. Chewy Benson is a good friend of AFW and does some of our radio shows on Samurai FM… we owe him a lot!
Will // Tic Tac Toe (A Future Without)
Will Plowman runs A Future Without with myself and he is also one of the most knowledgeable music heads I know. He’s in a band with my bro, Kabuki Mono, and he writes with me under Will It Snow. He is practically family and I owe him muchly. Big up the Stoneground massive :)
Prefuse 73 feat Kazu // We Got Our Own Way
Dabrye and Prefuse were waaaay ahead of the game. Not only has he moulded my music but he also collaborated with another of my favourites, The Books (check out The Lemon of Pink).
Chairman Kato // No Coincidence
Yes, yes! Next up is the man, the legend, Chairman Kato. Founder of Work:Ethic and as of yesterday (if this goes out on time) fellow collaborator. Abletron ahoy(a). He will be also releasing on Pictures, so it looks like Alex and Matt have their A&R heads tightly locked down.
Illum Sphere // Agent White
Ryan killing it again as per usual, Hoya Hoya style. Massive congrats on his new release and big up the Manc connection. PS it ends with the vocal ‘burn’ which slots nicely in to the next track, ‘The Rizla’.
Session A9 // The Rizla
Scottish folk music often finds itself automatically associated with Micheal (bloody) Flaterly. I only hope people can appreciate it for how good it is without conjuring up an image of an over grown lepracorn. I was given this CD by a boss in a brief stint working as a security guard at Wimbledon and in Glasgow during the G8, because he was so surprised I knew who Capercaillie were. I was the most unthreatening security guard in history.
Snow Ghosts // Lost at Sea (Unsigned)
To finish off is a collaboration between myself and the amazing Hannah Cartwright of Augustus Ghost (watch out for their EP soon). Sometimes a happy coincidences pay off. Apart from meeting Hannah while working for De Wolfe Music, I only finished the track only after doing this mix. The delayed string line from the Session A9 track worked so well that I ended up sampling a snippet for the final tune (please don’t sue me, I can’t afford it)

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