Rhythm Incursions / Primus Luta aka RIPL – May 2010

I’m very happy to introduce our first (of two) brand new regular presenters to the Rhythm Incursions airwaves. Primus Luta from AvantUrb joins us for a new monthly show direct from the East coast of the United states. Alongside DDay One’s semi-regular show from L.A we’ve now got two presenters repping both sides of the country.

Regular listeners will remember the name as he’s guested on the show quite a few times in the last year, first with the retrospective Beat Construction mix in April, and then with 3 parts of his four-part The Vanguard series earlier this year. An avid music fan and musician, he holds the same interest in new music as we do and brings to the show the same open minded and embracing attitude that we try and put into ours. After chatting by email, following his work and putting his mixes on the show for the best part of a year, it felt like a natural progression to bring him on board.

Here’s some words from the man himself regarding the new show, which has been dubbed RIPL:

For the first episode of RIPL the aim was to give a broad idea of the type of stuff you can expect to hear over the coming months. This is an incredible period in music, with folk from the four corners really representing at the leading edge, where sounds and styles are being born every minute. We like to umbrella these into singular genres for simplicity, but the truth of the matter is that genre’s themselves have become modular.

Each genre, each sub-genre, is like a pebble dropping into the ocean of sound sending out ripples in concentric circles. They bounce off of each other, absorb one another’s energy, intersect, and create new ripples, new sounds, new genres, new sub genres. This show is all about the ripples. Okay I just made that up. It sounded good though, nowhere near as good as the music itself. Bring on the RIPL!!

Primus Luta will be holding it down on the second week of each month starting next month with his RIPL show. He will be followed by our other new presenters XLII and Broken Haze from Raid System in Tokyo – who regular listeners will remember we featured recently in a 3-part special – who will hold down the third week of the month starting in June (their debut show goes out next week). And then on the last week of the month our regular show will continue to go out. So that’ll be 3 times the amount of regular music coming your way each month, each from a different continent but with the same aim of bringing discerning music to discerning ears.

Please leave your feedback on this show so we can continue to build and take in your input as well.


Download Rhythm Incursions / Primus Luta – May 2010 (right click and save as)

Pariah – Detroit Falls – R&S
The Glitch Mob – Beyond Monday – Forthcoming Glass Air
Dark Party – Status – Mush Records
Free the Robots – Orion’s Belt Buckle – Alpha Pup
Shlohmo – Hot Boxing The Cockpit (Tokimonsta Remix) – Friends of Friends
Take – Quartz for Amber – Alpha Pup
Lorn – Army of Fear – Forthcoming Brainfeeder
RJD2 – A Spaceship for Now – RJ’s Electrical Connections
Paul White – Unnamed Beat – One Handed Music
Phat Kat – Katakombs (Demo) – Look Records (free download)
Busdriver – Least Favorite Rapper (Anti-Pop Consortium/Mega Man Remix) – Anti (free download)
Jahcoozi – Powerdown Blackout – Bpitch Control
H Prizm – Unnamed Beat – Unreleased
Ras G – Discipline 09-3 – Leaving Records
Alex B – Hot Chop – Elm & Oak
Pretty Lights – Still Rockin – Self Released
Blockhead – Only Sequences Change – Ninja Tune
Prefuse 73 – Return From Home – Beat Records
Scuba – Before – Hotflush Recordings
Electric Wire Hustle – Thank You Steve – EWH
Onra – Jeeps – All City records
Bonobo – All in Forms – Ninja Tune
Lusine – Think Of It – Ghostly International
Portformat – U$ (Dandario Remix) – Tokyo Dawn Records
Jneiro Jarel – Android Romance 2 – Who?
Baths – Mecha Joy – Forthcoming Anticon
Shlohmo – Post Atmosphere – Friends of Friends
Autechre – Treale – Warp
Tim Exile – A Little Bit More – Warp
Jogger – Superman – Magical Properties
Shafiq Husayn – Rebel Sawyer – Plug Research
Flying Lotus – Mmmhmmm – Warp

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